Why Bamboo is Best for Back to School

Why Bamboo is Best for Back to School

It’s that time of year again! Summer pauses and school starts, allowing many to pursue their quest of expanding their minds and increasing their knowledge. Bamboo can make this school year a success. 

How can bamboo possibly do that? Simple! Bamboo-viscose fabrics are soft against your skin and better for the planet. 

Meaning, it’s twice as soft and 3 degrees cooler than cotton, has natural odor and allergy-resistant properties, and is one of the most renewable resources on the planet. 

You can enjoy a comfier school year, resting your body while broadening your education, and helping save the planet all at the same time.

Make Dorm Rooms Feel Like Home

First things first – show up prepared for school, and not just for the classroom, your dorm room, too. Your dorm will be your home away from home so make it as comfortable as possible with bedding and bath items made of ultra-soft and comfy viscose from bamboo. 

Bamboo products will have you feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to tackle anything college throws your way. 

Cariloha helps college students sleep comfier, cooler, and cleaner, while saving money, with its  Back-to-School Bedding Suite that has everything a college student would need to get better rest for a brighter mind.

Protect Your Bed

This sleep and cost-saving bundle includes a bed-saving mattress protector. Late nights, hopped up on caffeine to cram for an exam make a mattress protector a must for every student. You don’t want to spill and have it interrupt your sleep. 

With a Cariloha mattress protector, you can rest easy knowing it has spill and waterproof protection on all five sides, plus a universal deep pocket fit for the best in mattress protection.

Bank on Quality Bedding

Cariloha also offers the “Softest Bedding on the Planet”.  While everyone else tosses and turns on stiff, scratchy sheets, you can float away on a blissful cloud of luxury softness with sheets made of sustainable bamboo viscose. 

Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets feature a comfortable twill weave finish and are twice as soft as cotton. They’re also naturally thermal regulating, so you can stay cool and comfortable while getting a restful night’s sleep, which every student needs at least a couple nights a week.

Let’s not forget about a pillow that relieves pressure and, in turn, stress! The Cariloha Air Pillow is perfect for airy, breathable comfort. 

The carefully perforated bamboo charcoal memory foam provides a fresh, breathable benefit that improves airflow between you and the pillow, optimizing the pillow’s sleep temperature, so you’re able to sleep cool and wake refreshed – ready to take on that group project. 

Freshen up Bathrooms

If there’s one vital household item for a student to have, it’d be clean towels! Cariloha’s Bamboo Towel Sets are perfect for college students who want to enjoy comfort and eliminate odors. 

Not only are they delightfully soft, but they also have natural odor and allergy-resistant properties, which means they stay fresher longer, reducing the amount of laundry you’ll have to do. Comes in handy on a heavy testing week. And, it’s college, who does laundry anyway… kidding! Do your laundry, students. 

Better Beds for Better Brains

Need a mattress that alleviates pressure and soothes stress? Cariloha offers a Back-to-School Bedding Suite PLUS that’s got you covered. It has everything the original suite has, plus a Twin XL Classic Mattress. 

Cariloha’s Classic Mattress helps relieve pressure and adapts to your body shape, alleviating pressure off the body’s main contour points. Each layer is designed for the best in clean, breathable comfort. The comfier the bed, the deeper the sleep, which you’ll definitely need come finals week. 

With higher education comes more projects, papers, midterms and finals. It’ll also throw more social events into the mix. You may be thinking to yourself, “there isn’t any time to sleep,” but you don’t want to compromise quality sleep. 

Prioritizing and getting good quality sleep is so important for your mind, body and overall health. Think of sleep as the perfect reset button to refresh and restore your mind and relieve stress and anxiety.

With the benefits of bamboo comes more comfort and better sleep, and better sleep will help you towards the end goal of a college degree.