What you always wanted to know about Cariloha bamboo & then some

Cariloha Bamboo Customer

Cariloha Overview

  • Founded in 2007.
  • #1 bamboo apparel retailer in the Caribbean.
  • #1 bamboo apparel brand throughout the cruise industry.
  • Cariloha is the only retailer in the world with an entire store experience completely outfit with bamboo-based merchandise.
  • 200+ employees in 19 stores in more than 10 countries.
  • More than 4,000 SKUs of bamboo products.
  • Cariloha is headquartered in the USA and is the king of bamboo-soft goods.
  • First bamboo clothier to offer an entire bamboo wardrobe from head to toe.
  • All Cariloha products feature a unique lifetime product-quality guarantee.

Cariloha’s Distinctive Bamboo Products, Technology and Trade Exclusivity

  • All Cariloha clothing, bedding and bath goods are measured and launched according to Cariloha’s Soft Standard™, which guarantees each bamboo item is softer than any comparable item in its respective category. If it’s not softer than anything else in today’s marketplace, then we don’t introduce it.
  • Cariloha uses only organic bamboo fabric blends.
  • Cariloha uses its proprietary bamboo blend applications in its merchandise, including sheets, towels, apparel, blankets, robes, socks, etc.
  • Cariloha bamboo is organically grown.
  • Cariloha bamboo does not use bleach on its products before the dying process.
  • Cariloha bamboo clothing is screen-printed, tagged and embellished in the USA.
  • Cariloha’s proprietary processes allow us to produce more bamboo products at greater quality, scope and depth than anyone else, ensuring that our bamboo goods and fabrics have better shape, structure and style.
  • Cariloha is at the forefront of the bamboo textile industry, using bamboo in clothing, bedding and bath applications that have never been used before, making wearable fabrics for everyone that infuse all the benefits of bamboo.
  • Application of bamboo in fabric meshes, French Terry blends, Slub blends, Dobby blends, Heathered Tee blends, etc.
  • Included in bamboo wraps, polos, skits, button-front shirts, shorts, dresses, tanks, socks, etc.
  • Cariloha bamboo shirts are tailored to our own custom specifications, featuring a special bamboo blend and a combination of distinct attributes; e.g., weight, cut, collar, durability, softness, blend, shape, knitting, branding details, tagless, etc.
  • Cariloha retail shopping bags are made of bamboo, adding to the complete, unique bamboo experience.
  • Cariloha incorporates advanced softening technology in a number of its bamboo goods, ensuring lighter, softer bamboo fabrics that feature optimal weight and plushness.
  • Cariloha’s bamboo apparel is OEKO-TEX100 certified, meaning no harmful chemicals were used during production, and they’re certified to be chemical free.
  • Cariloha strategically harvests its bamboo from the world’s best bamboo fields in various countries overseas.
  • Cariloha offers more bamboo product selection and variety than anyone, featuring an entire clothing line that dresses customers from head to toe in bamboo. No bamboo retail establishment has this range.
  • Cariloha’s all-bamboo store experience is original and unique and was built from scratch. It educates customers on Cariloha’s exclusive bamboo products and the amazing bamboo properties.
  • Cariloha offers store customers a free drop-shipping program for all bamboo bedding and bath goods.
  • Cariloha’s core management and R&D teams have collectively more than 80 years experience in product and brand development, brand promotion, and product-to-market expertise.

Cariloha Humanitarian & Sustainability Efforts
Portions of Cariloha customer purchases go toward Cariloha’s Bamboo Bike Project, which helps people in Africa to build bicycles made of bamboo as a sustainable form of transportation in Africa, sourcing the materials and supplies necessary to build bamboo bicycles in Africa and to train the local people to build the bikes.

Working closely with the EPA and the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA), Cariloha has surpassed industry standards by using recyclable boxes and packaging instead of oil-based foam packaging.

Sustainability procedures include the 100% recycling and reuse of cotton waste, the reuse of drinking water in gardening, the use of only 100% water-based paints, a “closed loop” advanced spinning process that creates our bamboo fibers and reuses the solvents involved in the process, and the use of recyclable materials in our screen printing process, as well as the disposal of non-recyclable residues.