What Makes Viscose from Bamboo Perfect for Activewear?

What Makes Viscose from Bamboo Perfect for Activewear?

There are a lot of materials currently used in activewear products, each with their own characteristics, weights, stretch factors, and designs. So what does viscose-from-bamboo fabric have that sets it apart from the rest as a great choice for fitness clothing?

First, let’s talk about why you would want special fabrics for active clothing in the first place. The reason is simple. There are plenty of outdoor and sporting activities that benefit from this fabric’s ability to pull moisture away from the skin. But there are several more reasons to use viscose from bamboo, too.

When you want soft clothing for hard workouts, or you can’t stand the inevitable odor buildup, you may be surprised at the difference bamboo viscose can make.

What are The Performance Features?

There are several characteristics that make bamboo viscose a good choice for performance clothing. Some of them include:

• Breathability – For when you are really working hard.
• Flexibility – For when you are serious about your yoga and need to move freely.
• Lightweight – The materials may be lightweight, but they still have good thermal regulating properties.
• Odor Prevention – Bamboo helps repel odors. You won’t have to leave the gym holding your clothes away at arm’s length.
• Allergy Safe – These clothes won’t irritate your skin as you wear them.
• Moisture wicking – Once you start sweating, the clothes will work to keep you dry.
• Comfortable – Viscose-from-bamboo material is soft and smooth, so your workout will be a comfortable experience.

The important thing to note is that these characteristics won’t wash away. You can machine wash them in cool water, and some people even report that their clothes actually get even softer with age.

Performance Comparisons

There are many technical fabrics being used in athletic clothing, so it’s important to understand some of the difference. Polyester, for example, has been used for years, and while it has many benefits, there are some drawbacks, too.

• It can irritate the skin or feel harsh against the skin to some people.
• It holds onto odors.
• The performance characteristics are usually due to some kind of chemical additive, which can wash away over time.
• It’s a petroleum product (not a green, renewable resource like bamboo).
• Bacteria builds up during workouts, which is what leads to the strong odors.

We can also compare viscose from bamboo to something like cotton. While cotton can be used in some blends, 100% cotton is not a good idea because it holds an excessive amount of water and can take a long time to dry. If you’re wearing it during serious activities, it could lead to chafing and other problems.

Activities That Are Great in Bamboo Viscose

Do you have to visit the gym every day and run a marathon every other month to get the most benefit from fitness clothing made of viscose from bamboo? Obviously not. These designs are perfect for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle and getting their heartrate up on occasion. Our clothes are a great choice for:

• Yoga
• Pilates
• Running
• Walking
• Weight lifting
• Aerobics
• Bicycling
• And much more

You don’t have to put up with smelly, uncomfortable clothes when you hit the gym or head out for a long hike. Viscose from bamboo’s natural characteristics make it a great alternative for modern activewear.