Treat Your Feet to Bamboo Softness with Cariloha’s New Bamboo Socks


Cariloha this week launched its spring 2015 bamboo sock collection for men and women – all socks are made from sustainable bamboo-fabric blends and designed by Cariloha’s Product Team. Available exclusively at Cariloha stores and online, this season’s sock line showcases bold, new colors and designs that feature even more bamboo benefits and comforts than any previous sock line.

“Fans of comfortable, stylish socks who are also looking for all-natural sock alternatives instead of exclusively synthetic socks will find a pleasing variety of options in Cariloha’s bamboo sock collection,” said Scott Brady, Cariloha AVP of Communications. “They’re knit together with odor-resistant bamboo-fabric blends and have an equal measure of cozy and stylish.”

All bamboo sock styles feature hand-linked toe seams for a seamless bulk-free toe, reinforced plush foot bed and toe for added durability and plush comfort, and compression-knit band on the sock arch for even more support and comfort.

This line includes new colors and styles in the following sock options:
Women’s Boot Socks: Striped Teal/Lime, Lattice Brown/Red, Lattice Aqua/Blue, Striped Aqua/Blue, Striped Brown/Red and Lattice Teal/Lime (Retail Price: $15)
Women’s Trouser Socks: Black, Navy and Ivory (Retail Price: $12)
Women’s Athletic Socks: White/Orchid and White/Caribbean Breeze (Retail Price: $15)
Women’s Ankle Socks: White/Green, White/Gray, and Black/Gray (Retail Price: $12)
Men’s Designer Trouser Socks: Block Slate, Block Green, Stripes Slate, Stripes Green, and Stripes Brown (Retail Price: $15)
Men’s Solid Trouser Socks: Black, Navy and Tan (Retail Price: $12)
Men’s Athletic Socks: White/Cadet Blue and Black/Carbon (Retail Price: $15)
Men’s Ankle Socks: White/Green, Carbon/Black, and Black/Gray (Retail Price: $12)
Men’s Crew Socks: Black/Gray, Carbon/Black, and White/Green (Retail Price: $12)

All new socks are offered in two sizes – Women’s (S/M 5-8), Women’s (L/XL 8-12), Men’s (S/M 7-10) and Men’s (L/XL 10-13).

“Bamboo breathes easier than exclusively cotton-based socks,” said Brady. “Your feet stay cooler when exercising or just walking around. The bamboo naturally fights odor-causing bacteria and wicks away moisture, so your feet sweat and stink less when wearing bamboo socks.”

Cariloha’s bamboo socks have carried Cariloha-sponsored Miles 2 Give runners for 3,000+ miles across the USA and 10,000+ miles around the USA in 2013 and 2014. “Of all the socks I’ve ever worn for running or otherwise, nothing compares to the comfort, breathability, and softness of Cariloha’s bamboo socks – they’ve been on my feet for thousands of miles and never failed me once,” said, Landon Cooper, Miles 2 Give Founder and Runner.

“Ultra-soft, refreshingly cool fabrics like Cariloha’s are typically found in most high-end socks, but these proprietary Cariloha blends are unlike any other in today’s market because they’re made from bamboo,” said Brady. “Unlike exclusively synthetic fabrics, our bamboo-blended fabrics wick moisture away from the body and helps prevent odors naturally, without using chemicals or pesticides to do so, and still remains softer and 3 degrees cooler than other non-sustainable fabrics.”

Cariloha Bamboo socks come with a 90-day quality guarantee. If the socks don’t live up to the customers’ expectations, Cariloha will replace them without reservation. Socks are machine washable and tumble dried low, so maintenance is easy and worry-free.

You can see Cariloha’s entire women’s bamboo sock collection here, and the men’s sock collection here.