Travel in Comfort with Cariloha’s Bamboo Neck Pillow

On your next getaway, start and finish your journey in bamboo comfort with Cariloha’s ultra-soft bamboo neck pillow.

Now you can give your neck and head the rest and relaxation they deserve.


Our new bamboo neck pillow is available in charcoal jacquard color in select Cariloha stores, for the time being, and is priced at $30 retail. Customers can also get a free bamboo neck pillow with the purchase of two apparel items, no dollar minimum. Excludes sale items and accessories.

Bamboo Neck Pillow

  • Packs away easily in a matching bamboo pouch
  • Supports your neck and head while resting
  • Removable, washable bamboo cover
  • Inflate and customize pillow firmness with adjustable valve
  • Cariloha-Bamboo-Neck-Pillow
    While these bamboo neck pillows have been thoroughly field tested and are incredibly soft and comfortable, I’m personally looking forward to testing one out on my long flight to and from India next week for a wedding of a fellow Cariloha co-worker. I’m confident that this neck pillow is going to make the flight a lot more enjoyable. When I get back, I’ll let you know how the neck pillow helped via our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook sites.

    Happy, comfortable travels!