Town & Country Spotlights Cariloha Bamboo Sheets

Town & Country Spotlights Cariloha Bamboo Sheets

Looking for ways to make your Earth Day comfier and more sustainable? Town & Country Mag has some great recommendations, which include Cariloha bamboo sheets.

The Weekly Covet: Earth-Friendly Finds

In honor of Earth Day, here are nine eco-conscious picks our editors love.
By Maggie Malone

Once a week, we ask our editors to share the items they’ve been loving or lusting after—whether it’s a new skincare product we’re dying to try or a travel essential we can’t live without. Consider “The Weekly Covet” your editor-approved wish list for beauty, travel, fashion, and everything in between.

Women’s Wool Runners


“I feel like everyone I know is obsessed with allbirds sneakers, and they finally convinced me to give them a try. They’re comfortable, perfect for traveling, and better yet, right now they’re partnering with the Audubon Society on a series of limited-edition shoes inspired by endangered birds like the Mountain Bluebird and the Scarlet Tanager.”—Caroline Hallemann, Senior News Editor

Elephant Charm

Tiffany & Co.

“Tiffany & Co. is dedicated to sustainable practices—the jewelry brand is involved with conservation efforts to save Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and recently launched the Diamond Source Initiative, which provides provenance information for every newly sourced diamond.

In 2017, Tiffany famously created the Save the Wild collection, a line of necklaces, charms, and brooches. 100 percent of the collection’s profits benefit the Wildlife Conservation Network—and by December 2019, Tiffany & Co. pledged a $4,000,000 donation to the fund. I love this elephant charm necklace—it’s beautiful, and each sale helps protect the incredible animals.”—Maggie Maloney, Associate Digital Editor

Classic Bamboo Sheets 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set


“‘Soft’ may not be the first word to jump to mind when you hear ‘bamboo’ but these sheets, made from bamboo-derived viscose are truly, wildly, forget-your-Egyptian-cotton-sheets soft. Plus, since bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, it’s super sustainable. Luxury, meet sustainable.”—Lauren Hubbard, Contributor

W&P Reusable Metal Straws (Set of 4)

West Elm

“While I was on Nantucket this summer, the island issued a widespread campaign to ‘Stop the Straw.’ It was then that I realized how easy it was to eliminate single-use plastic out of my daily routine. As soon as I returned to New York I bought a set of metal straws, one of which I keep in my purse so that I am always ready for that impromptu iced coffee. It’s a simple and easy adjustment to make that will end up having a huge impact on our planet’s ecosystems.”—Charlotte Chilton, Editorial Fellow

25 Oz Swell Bottle

Lilly Pulitzer x Swell

“Lilly Pulitzer and Swell’s collaboration is a cult-favorite for a reason: the fun prints add a dose of style to the beloved water bottles, which are insulated to keep your drink hot or cold. They’re great replacements for anyone who is cutting down on their plastic water bottle use, and they’re far more chic than any other bottle!”—Maggie Maloney, Associate Digital Editor

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