Simple Solutions to Improve Your Sleep Habits

Simple Solutions to Improve Your Sleep Habits

After a long hard day, there’s nothing better than crashing into your comfy bed at night. We all know that sleep is essential in our everyday lives, and our bodies need rest each night if we want to function properly the following day, but sleep isn’t just about being rested. It’s been shown to improve concentration, memory, mood, energy and even help with weight control.

Getting enough sleep can be a difficult balance with the everyday stresses that life throws at us, but it’s not impossible. By developing a sleep schedule, you’ll be more alert and prepared for the day ahead. You’re only a yawn away from snoozing.

Here are a few tips to help you get a sleep schedule started:

Set appropriate times and stick with it – The first step in setting any kind of sleep schedule is having a regular go-to-bed time and a wake-up time, which includes sticking with that schedule on the weekends. It doesn’t matter how old you are, a set bedtime is a key element to developing an ideal sleep schedule for your body, mind and spirit.

Make your room a place of relaxation – A dark room with warm colors, a comfy bed with soft bamboo bed sheets and a comfortable room temperature. These elements combined will help your mind and body relax and drift off to sleep. Remember to remove or relocate televisions, computers, phones or any kind of electronic distraction from your bedroom or around your head. The light and buzzing sounds from these devices will only keep you your mind awake when it’s time to sleep.

Avoid caffeine and big meals before bed – It’s nothing new to hear that caffeine is something that wakes you up, so it’s a good idea to stop drinking caffeinated drinks several hours before going to bed. Give your body enough time to digest these foods and liquids. Big heavy meals just before bed can prevent you from falling asleep, as your digestive system needs to quiet down in the same way your mind does.

Relaxing bedtime routine – Anything that clears your mind and relaxes your body is a great bedtime routine. If you like to exercise, do your hardcore workout in the morning to help you wake up and do something less intense, like yoga, to help you relax. Or, reading is also a great way to relax your body. Cozy up in bed with a good book, and you’ll drift off in no time.

It can be difficult, especially on the weekends, but developing a sleep schedule and sticking with it is definitely something you’ll end up appreciating.

What other techniques or recommendations do you have for improving your sleep habits and sleep quality?