The Best Bamboo Sheets for Long-Lasting Comfort

The Best Bamboo Sheets for Long-Lasting Comfort

As told by our friends over at Viva Veltoro

I think I’ve been living under a rock all my life when it comes to bedding! We’ve purchased cotton comforters and cheap sheets, mostly because I didn’t realize how much of a difference high-quality bedding would make. Also, I had no idea how comfortable and inviting my bed could be! I’ve partnered with Cariloha to share their incredible bamboo sheets and duvet covers with you.

The Best Bamboo Sheets for Comfort

I cannot believe I’ve never slept in bamboo sheets before. When I’ve shopped for sheets in the past, I’ve gone to my local big-box store and just grabbed a color that would match our bedding. I can’t begin to say what we’ve been missing out on! We recently got a new mattress and decided it was time to trade out our cotton sheets and comforter for some high-quality linens. Bamboo was the clear winner in our bedding upgrade.

The first thing I noticed when putting our new Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets on the bed is how incredibly soft they are. You know those commercials where the sheets float and ripple down onto the bed? These bamboo sheets actually do that! With their sateen finish, Cariloha’s Resort Sheets are softer than 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets. Plus, they have thermal-regulating properties. That means on our cold winter nights, these sheets keep us warm. On those hot summer nights, our bamboo sheets will keep us 3 degrees cooler than non-bamboo sheets.

One of the coolest things about bamboo sheets is that they’re hypoallergenic and odor resistant. Bamboo naturally repels bacterial and germs can’t thrive on bamboo sheets like they can on other fabrics. Plus, 100% viscose bamboo sheets are incredibly strong and will last up to three times as long as non-bamboo sheets!

Cariloha’s Resort Sheet Sets come with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. We chose white because it matched our bedding and room best, but they are available in eight colors! Now that we’ve tried bamboo sheets, there’s no chance we’re going back to anything else. They’re beyond comfortable and because they last longer than non-bamboo sheets, I feel their cost is worth it.

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