Summer Date Night with Bamboo Softness

Summer Date Night with Bamboo Softness

The sun is shining and temperatures are rising, which means it’s time to take date night outside. Forget dinner and a movie – you’ve been cooped up inside all winter long, and now is the perfect time to fall in love under the stars.

Grab your summer fling, your new significant other, or the love of your life and head out for the evening to experience one of the following fun activities:


Snatch up some blankets and head up the canyon or to your local park. Just go somewhere with less light pollution so that you can see the sky and then feast your eyes on the Milky Way and try to identify as many constellations as you can. Make it a game – whoever finds the most constellations plans the next date. Enjoy a little competitive fun and get a guaranteed next date.


Show off your country roots and support your local carnival or rodeo. Guys, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to win her a prize, which will remind her of you every time she sees it. Plus, there’s always bound to be a dazzling fireworks show to finish out the night.


There’s nothing more romantic than a cozy fire underneath a starry sky. A glowing fire works well for a group date or just the two of you. Roast some hot dogs and marshmallows and, before you know it, the party is hopping and the memories are being made.


Enjoying a picnic is a refreshing way to spend an afternoon together. Go to the grocery store, put some simple lunches together, and make your way to a favorite park. Remember to bring a soft, comfortable blanket – one for laying out your picnic items and another for cuddling up in after your done. It’ll be a relaxing afternoon well spent.

Be Creative

Sometimes the most memorable dates are the ones that are way out there and very unconventional. Consider designing a work of art by filling balloons with paint and then hanging them on a hard surface for a little dart-throwing action. Or, try creating your own shooting stars – just grab a few tennis balls, a tennis racket and glow sticks. Then, carefully open the glow sticks and poor them over the tennis balls. Finally, grab the racket and hit them as high and as hard as you can and watch them soar.

Give these ideas a try and make this summer one you’ll never forget. Of course, it’s a long summer, and you’ll most likely get through these ideas pretty quickly. That said, what other fun summer date night ideas would you add to the list?