Study on Bamboo Blended Woven Fabric

bamboo fibers spun into fabrics

A Study on Bamboo/Cotton & Bamboo/Polyester Blended Woven Fabric
By Sheeba C, Mrs. P. Sasikala and Dr. K. Thangamani in Fibre2Fashion

The main aim of this research is to know about the resemblances and differences between natural, manmade and regenerated fabrics. This research is done by blending the two selected fibers, cotton and polyester with the regenerated fiber bamboo, then the blended yarn are weaved, wet processing and finished with Fragrance finish. And they are compared for various properties between the two finished fabrics, before and after laundering. On comparison it was clear that the bamboo/cotton fabrics showed certain, better geometrical, physical and mechanical properties; whereas bamboo/polyester fabrics showed, better comfort and absorbency properties. Bamboo fabrics are now a days filling the vacancy in the textile material development in our textile production nation and these will inevitably stimulate the new fabric development through blending and finishing, among the cotton, wool and silk and bring the textile corporations a new opportunity.

Clothing is one among the most important three basic needs in every human life. It protects our body from various climates and gives us a good appearance says Vimala and Ramalakshmi (2008). Consumers are becoming increasingly very much conscious to environmental friendly consumer goods and much concerned about the green activities. This tendency for eco friendly come into contact with the skin for a prolonged period of the time says Dharani et al (2010).

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About the Author:
Sheeba C is an M.Phil Scholar at the Department of Costume Design & Fashion, PSG College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore.

Mrs. P. Sasikala is a Guide & Associate Professor at the Department of Costume Design & Fashion, PSG College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore

Dr. K. Thangamani is a Professor at the Department of Textile Technology, Kumaraguru College of Technology in Coimbatore