Stop Tossing at Night, Start Sleeping Better with Bamboo Sheets

Stop Tossing at Night, Start Sleeping Better with Bamboo Sheets

Endless yawns and baggy eyelids can only last so long. Your nightly routine of tossing and turning needs to end right now. And it will. A dreamy night’s sleep is within your grasp.

While many solutions exist for improving your sleep, one of the easiest, fastest ways to make a difference is by changing out your sheets.

Uncomfortable, scratchy, overly hot bed sheets are often times what’s holding the sandman at bay. Don’t short-sheet yourself, see what Helpful Sleep has to say about Cariloha Bamboo Sheets being an easy, comfortable solution to your sleep needs.

Fabric made out of bamboo is taking the world by storm. Soft, breathable, and antibacterial qualities makes it a no brainer for the sleep industry. The best bamboo sheets will change the way you sleep and what you expect from your bed linens. In this Cariloha bamboo sheets review, we’ll talk why bamboo sheets in general are so good, and why this particular brand excels.

What makes bamboo sheets so good?

Comfort is the main thing. Remember back in the day when you wanted to love satin sheets, but they were so slippery?​

Now you can have that luxurious feeling of being wrapped in silk when you are sleeping. You will feel like a part of the sheets in a way that you never could with satin. They don’t grip you like flannel, and you won’t feel like you are on a slippery surface like satin.

Since bamboo fabric is breathable, you will notice that you don’t overheat as much with these sheets as you do with even the best cotton sheets. In addition, they are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and resistant to dust mites. You can even wash them as you would any other type of sheet without damaging them. You can’t say that about satin and silk sheets.

There is also an unlimited supply of bamboo as it is a highly sustainable crop.

Why You Will Love Cariloha Bamboo Sheets
Let me first say that these sheets are expensive.

It is my opinion that, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Long-Lasting Sheets​
What you are paying for when you buy these bamboo sheets from Cariloha is exceptional comfort, high quality, and long-lasting sheets.

These bamboo fiber sheets last much longer than flannel, linen, or even satin sheets. In terms of longevity, you certainly get your money’s worth. They resist pilling in a way that cotton never could.

Odor, Dust Mite, and Bacteria Resistant
Bamboo naturally does not absorb odors like other materials, so you won’t feel like you have to get rid of these sheets a year after you buy them because they smell.

If you suffer from allergies, these sheets will help since they are hypoallergenic. They resist dust mites and bacteria.

Highly Breathable and Cooling
If you are warm when you sleep, you will notice a reduction in how warm you get. Cariloha claims a three degree difference in coolness when you sleep on their sheets compared to traditional linens. The thread count has something to do with it in addition to the natural properties of bamboo fiber.

The classic version has a thread count of 230 while the resort version has a thread count of 320. That doesn’t sound like a benefit when you consider how a 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet sets the standard for luxury. However, the low thread count allows for air to circulate and wicks away sweat from your body, keeping you cool. The feel of the low thread count is even more luxurious than those high thread count weaves of other high-end sheets thanks to the inherent softness of viscose made from bamboo fiber.

The other benefit of these bamboo sheets is that they wash easily without damaging them. You get the same comfort as satin sheets without having to send them to a dry cleaner for cleaning.

Sustainable and Green Product

Bamboo is a highly sustainable and green commodity. Cariloha bamboo is raised organically without pesticides or chemicals. Bamboo is usually grown in poor soil that doesn’t have much of a chance at other cash crops, giving poor areas an opportunity to make money. It also grows quickly, up to a meter per day, and is ready for harvest to be made into viscose fiber in as little as four years.

The process to make the fiber can use some chemicals, thereby making it not as environmentally friendly as some might claim.

Cariloha has a unique process that has kept it as green as possible from the raising, harvesting, and even the processing of the bamboo into viscose fiber. There are some chemicals used in the process of making the bamboo pulp which will then become a thread, but it is a closed-loop process. This means there is little environmental impact in the manufacture of the bamboo fiber.

You can still feel good about your purchase being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Build Quality
These sheets are available for queen and king sized mattresses and have 18 inch deep pockets for a nice, secure fit. One thing to note, if your mattress is not very deep, then you might have a loose fitting sheet that wrinkles up. These sheets are really meant for mattresses that are over 14 inches and up to 19 inches.

They are double stitched and very durable. The stitching will not come loose even after many washes.

There is something about their dying process that keeps the fabric from bleeding color. Even after many washes, the colors are still vibrant.

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