SPY Spotlights Cariloha’s Bathrobe as One You’ll Never Want to Take Off

SPY Spotlights Cariloha’s Bathrobe as One You’ll Never Want to Take Off

SPY’s P.J. Gach and Tyler Schoeber included Cariloha’s bamboo bathrobe in their article titled, “You’ll Never Want to Take Off Our 12 Favorite Men’s Bathrobes.” They underscore how the bathrobe “made from sustainable bamboo fabric, this plush unisex robe gently wicks away moisture from your body.” SPY is a lifestyle publication covering the latest trends and reaching 299,066 unique monthly visitors and growing.

You’ll Never Want To Take Off Our 15 Favorite Men’s Bathrobes

By P.J. Gach and Tyler Schoeber

What’s the best bathrobe for men? Well, The Dude’s bathrobe tied his outfits together perfectly in The Big Lebowski. Tyler Durden’s pastel plush bathrobe in Fight Club was unforgettable. On-screen wise-asses like Deadpool and Ferris Bueller liked lounging around in loud striped terry cloth bathrobes that were as bold as their personalities. Finally, we have Tony Soprano’s bathrobe wardrobe, which ranged from soothing plaid flannel to seductive silk. This just goes to show that the best bathrobes aren’t just for toweling off after a shower. They can be an integral part of your daily life.

Always rushed? Wear a robe made of terrycloth. It’s like wearing a towel with sleeves. Or if you consider lounging an art, then opt for a lightweight robe made of cashmere or a luxury cotton blend. If style is your watchword, then slip into a tailored dressing gown-style men’s bathrobe or a robe made from luxe materials like cashmere or silk. Typically, these soft fabrics make for the best quality men’s robes. Always cold? Then take the chill off with a warm flannel, fleece, plush or wool bathrobe.

Even before the stay-at-home era, we loved bathrobes. In this post, we’ll break down the different styles you can choose from, as well as our favorite men’s bathrobes of the year.

The Different Styles of Men’s Bathrobes

Men’s bathrobes can run from floor-sweeping to ending a bit below the butt. Most are belted, all have at least two pockets. More formal versions have a breast pocket.

Kimono: Inspired by the traditional Japanese robes, this style has wide sleeves, a collarless neckline and a belt. Fabrics range from polyester to thick terry.
Classic: Oversized robes with wide cuffs, the classic bathrobe also has a shawl collar, patch pockets and is belted. They can be found in every type of fabric including flannel, cotton and lined wool.
Spa robes: Cut like a classic bathrobe, these robes are made for hanging out awkwardly before a massage. They come in lightweight fabrications that range from modal, bamboo, broadcloth, seersucker, Egyptian cotton or lightweight cotton.
Hooded robe: Made from either terrycloth or lightweight material, they provide style and an easy way to dry wet hair. Hoods can be incorporated into any bathrobe style.
Dressing Gown: the bathrobe’s stylish brother. They’re tailored, made from silk or weighty silk brocade, and are detailed with everything from piping and contrast lining to fine embroidery.

Where Are the Best Places To Buy Bathrobes?

Department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s always have a large selection of men’s bathrobes. Today, you can also find the best men’s bathrobes for sale on e-commerce sites like Amazon.

If you’re hunting for a specific type of bathrobe — like something sustainable or monogrammed bathrobes — you’ll want to go directly to a retailer such as Cariloha. Upscale men’s stores will carry a variety of luxury styles as well. Finally, bath and bedding shops often carry spa bathrobes and terry robes.

Of course, the very best place to buy men’s robes is online. Keep reading to find our favorite men’s robes of the season.

1. Cariloha Bamboo Bathrobe


Bamboo is an sustainable material that’s becoming popular with apparel companies and home goods makers. This durable fabric isn’t just great for the environment, but also feels like silk on the skin and is naturally odor-resistant. Made from sustainable bamboo fabric, this plush unisex robe gently wicks away moisture from your body. So, this one’s for you, sweaty.

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