Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom and How to Make it Last Longer

Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom and How to Make it Last Longer

When the harsh winter air finally starts to warm up, it’s traditionally time to deep dive into your bedroom and spring clean. But, don’t clean shortsightedly. It takes a lot of effort to spring clean and, if in a week, you find yourself in a very similar mess, you might end up regretting spending all that time in the first place.

Here’s how it’s possible to clean your room and keep it clean:

Wash Everything

First things first — wash everything. Throw your bed sheets and curtains in the washer. Steam clean the carpet and rugs if you have them (sweep and mop if you don’t). Drag out the clothes from the back of your drawers and your closet and wash those, too. You should deep clean like this often, because the build up of dust, dead skin cells, and bugs that routinely enter the linens in your bedroom can lead to a musty feeling and smell. It’s a vital part of your spring cleaning.

How to make it last: In addition to washing everything, use professional tools to get out caked-in dirt and odors. It will keep your bedroom fresher, for longer. Flip your mattress (both from top to bottom and head to foot). It helps to keep the shape of your mattress longer. You can also make a schedule or keep a cleaning journal so you know how long it’s been since you last washed everything.

Swap Out Clothes

Swap out your winter jackets and scarves for flirty skirts and fashion jackets. You won’t need them for a while! If possible, store them discreetly and out of the way, maybe in space saving bags. You’ll feel less claustrophobic with non-essential items out of your line of sight.

How to make it last: In addition to swapping out clothing, take this opportunity to rid yourself of useless items that clutter up your closet and room. Evaluate each piece of clothing. If you haven’t worn something in the last six months to a year, many experts agree it’s time to say goodbye. Anything that is torn, worn, or ripped needs to go. Donate old items that are in good shape to the local charity. Nothing makes cleanliness last more than getting rid of the items that can add to your mess.

Brighten Up

Literally, add light to your room. Throw open those shades to the springtime sun. Change out old light bulbs. Dust lamp shades, blinds and shutters. Be sure to also wash the base of your light fixtures that can accumulate grit and dust during the winter. In addition to adding a fresh, clean scent to your bedroom, it will literally brighten your room and bring springtime into your home.

How to make it last: Make weekly dusting a habit. Clear the dust and impurities off of your light bulbs and fixtures for a quick clean that make a big difference over time.

Upgrade as Needed

When it comes to our bedrooms, we often get comfortable with the decor and linens we’ve been using for years. We might not even notice that weird stain or tear on the mattress pad, or that the jersey sheets we’re using are a huge source of dust collections. If your sheets, mattress pad, duvet or anything in your room isn’t conducive to a healthy atmosphere in your room, it’s time to swap it out.

How to make it last: Try upgrading your sheets. We recommend these queen size bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are extremely soft and luxurious in addition to being eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic, and moisture wicking. But perhaps the best part of bamboo sheets is their life expectancy. If you take care of them as they call for, they can last even longer than cotton sheets. Give them a try and see if you notice a difference!

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