Snore Magazine Ranks Best Bamboo Sheets to Buy in 2019

Snore Magazine Ranks Best Bamboo Sheets to Buy in 2019

Bamboo sheets are said to have a variety of benefits over other sheets on the market. However, for the first-time buyer, it may be difficult to determine the things to look out for. What needs to be considered when looking to buy the finest sheets?

While it is essential to compare the fabric blends and brands for quality, there is no need to spend hours on this process. Simply read our guide of the best bamboo sheets to get the answers to the most important points to consider in the buying process.

The Best Bamboo Sheets

​1. Cariloha Classic – Best Viscose (Rayon) Bamboo Sheets

2. Hotel Sheets – Most Affordable Viscose (Rayon) Sheets

3. ABRIPEDIC – Best Tencel Lyocell Sheet

4. Pure Bamboo Sheets – Best Natural Bamboo Sheet

5. Zen Bamboo Luxury – Most Affordable Bamboo Blend Sheet

What to consider when buying the best bamboo sheets?

Are the best bamboo sheets likely to shrink?

When it comes to comparing the many different bamboo sheets, a typical issue to look at is the likelihood of shrinking. Many of the regular sheets have issues with shrinkage, but this isn’t such a case with bamboo sheets because they are sold pre-shrunk. Basically, this means the risk of further shrinkage when washed is kept to a minimum.

Will the bamboo sheets pull?

The best bamboo sheets are made with 100% bamboo that has been twill-woven from cellulose. This helps to create a sheet that is not only very soft but resistant to threads or pilling that starts to unravel for insistent snags. Just abide by the care instructions and these sheets have the potential to last for the long-term.

Are the sheets a blend or 100% bamboo?

In truth, the best bamboo sheets are created using 100% bamboos that is organically grown. The result of the genuine bamboo sheets is the fact they are significantly softer compared to high count cotton sheets or blended fabrics.

What technique is used to weave the fabric?

Any of the top-quality bamboo sheets rely on the twill-woven method which should be easy to notice when comparing the various options. The weaving process helps to create greater strength in the fabric which means less risk of tearing in the future. Additionally, the twill-woven sheets are certain to feel very comfortable when sleeping.

What are the size options of these sheets?

In general, the most practical option is the pre-shrunk sheets that are available in several sizes (King Single to Mega King) to match the mattress at home.

Can bamboo sheets go in the tumble dryer?

While the preferred washing option is to line dry, they can also be machine washed or tumble dried at a low temperature if necessary.

Will the bamboo sheets stay soft for the long-term?

The best bamboo sheets will stay very soft for years if following the care instructions. Additionally, the natural twill-weaving helps to maintain the soft, silky nature of the bamboo fabric.

Is a guarantee of quality included?

Try to limit the purchase of bamboo sheets to those that come packaged with a guarantee of quality, which helps to avoid low-cost or inferior products.

Top 5 Bamboo Sheets

The bamboo sheets come in a variety of fabric types. Typically, the viscose (rayon) is the most popular and leads to dissolving the natural bamboo cellulose in a solvent like lye, carbon disulfide, sulfuric acid, or chlorine bleach.

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