Six Ways to Beat the Summer Heat, including a Cooling Sheet

Six Ways to Beat the Summer Heat, including a Cooling Sheet

It’s summer. And it’s burning hot right now! At least north of the equator. Crazy hot or not, all the fun summer activities keep calling our name. The only thing stopping us – blistering summer heatwaves. 

When you’re feeling sweaty, dehydrated, and all-around uncomfortable, you might put off doing anything and opt for staying inside and cranking up the A/C. But, staying cooped up all summer long can really be a bummer. 

Let’s beat that heat! Here we have some great tips to help you enjoy your summer without burning up.

Head to the Mountains

Make your way to higher ground and breathe in the cool mountain air. The mountains are usually several degrees cooler than anywhere else, and they provide a great change of scenery. The trees, wildflowers, and cooler air provide a great place to clear your head while cooling down. 

Walk a nice simple trail, hike to a grand peak, or find a waterfall and reward yourself with a cold mountain water plunge. Oh yeah – feels so refreshing. 

Switch Out Your Bedding

Quality rest is vitally important for your body and mind to function properly, and overheating at night can antagonize your precious sleep. One proven solution is to change your bed sheets to a cooling fabric that’s lightweight, breathable and temperature regulating. 

Sheets and bedding made from bamboo viscose are a perfect way to beat the summer heat. Bamboo viscose is naturally thermal regulating and several degrees cooler than cotton-only fabrics. Bamboo is also one of the most sustainable, renewable resources on the planet, so you and your conscience can sleep comfortably knowing you’re helping the environment. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is another critically important way to cool down and, bluntly, to stay alive when you’re out in the hot sun for long periods of time. Drinking water helps your body move and function the way it needs to. It can affect your mood, your body temperature and even your quality of sleep. 

Whether you’re headed to the pool, the park or just running errands, remember to grab that water bottle and drink actively. When the heat hits, you’ll be glad you have your water to cool off.

Wear Cooler Fabrics

Wearing heavyweight fabrics like denim or wool are going to heat you up much faster and much longer than other lightweight fabrics. In the heat of summer, change out your wardrobe to include lightweight,  breathable selections.

Get a T-shirt type that has built-in cooling properties, like one made from bamboo viscose, which is noticeably cooler against your skin. Viscose-from-bamboo fabric will naturally wick away moisture and help regulate body temperature. It also repels odors and allergens naturally, so you’ll always stay fresh and clean when wearing bamboo.

Stay Indoors During the Afternoon

Some afternoons may be hotter than others, and you may need to stay indoors where the indoor A/C is calling your name and being outdoors just isn’t wise. That said, staying indoors doesn’t mean you have to stay home. 

Check out the mall for a fun shopping spree and a little retail therapy, enjoy a matinee movie in the cool, dark theater with some delicious popcorn, or explore a museum to learn new things and stay active at the same time. 

The best part about these cool indoor spots is they come with free A/C, and they get you out of the house.

Go for a Swim

It isn’t summer without a little splashing around in the pool, lake or ocean. Spend the day at a waterpark, hit some slides and relax in the lazy river. Take a day trip to the beach – sand, sun and ocean can restore your energy and cool you down – especially if you visit in the evening hours. Don’t live near the ocean? Consider grabbing a paddle board and exploring a lake. 

Wherever and however you beat the heat this summer, remember your sunscreen, and stay cool wearing and using bamboo!