Six Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

Six Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

Freshly laundered sheets, simple, no fuss decor, heated tiles in the bathroom, vanity mirrors with flawless lighting — what is there not to love about luxury hotels? The impeccable cleanliness and room service leave you feeling important and fancy. If only that feeling could last forever.

Unless you have a sweet deal to reside the rest of your life in a luxury sweet, the stay has to end at some point. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to work some luxurious vibes into your own home. Check out our tips on how to make your home feel like a luxury hotel.


There’s no way around it: one of the best aspects of a luxury hotel is the cleanliness. The decor is carefully selected and optimized to blend together and there aren’t endless knick-knacks around to clutter the view. Taking the time to refine your possessions to only those that you fully appreciate is the cheapest way to make your home feel more like a luxury hotel.

Upgrade Your Bed

Next time, get serious about your bed. If it’s time to upgrade your mattress, do that. If you’re serious about making your home feel more luxurious, time to step away from the cheapest and easiest option and more towards that mattress you’ve always wanted that will make your nights feel like a fantastic cloud.

Buy beautiful sheets that are soft and warm and invest in a real pillow. Not only will you improve your life with better sleep on a daily basis, but you will also feel as though you are bathed in luxury every time you lay down.

Invest in At-Home Spa Treatments

A trip to the spa is an essential part of a stay at a luxury hotel. Steam rooms, saunas, massages, hot tubs, and cucumber flavored water are all to-die-for elements. It’s not reasonable to install a steam room in your home, but you can still bring relaxation elements into your regular routine.

Fill up your closest with fizzy bath bombs, face masks, hair masks, and hydrating skin products. Every weekend or so, take the time to pamper yourself. Go the extra mile and install heated bathroom tiles, vanity lights, or upgrade your bathroom fixtures. The improvements don’t have to be dramatic, but they should be special to you.

Buy Yourself a Nice Robe

The perfect bathrobe is the essence of luxury. There’s no way you would answer your hotel door standing in your ordinary pajamas. No, you would welcome in your caviar in a perfectly soft robe. Try a bamboo robe. Not only are they soft, and comfortable with a tie and pockets, they are also hypoallergenic and fast drying.

They are made out of bamboo pulp which means you can relax knowing you’re wrapped up in an sustainable material.

Improve the Lighting

Luxury hotels know how to light a room so that no corner feel dark or underused. More than likely, the lighting in your home is not optimized. Replace bulbs that have long ago burned out and buy the correct wattage to give your room a luminous warm feel. Take it one step further and install new overhead lighting or put your lights on a dimmer to make the lighting mood adjustable.

Add Flowers and Plants to Every Room

Another easy way to breathe life and class into your home is to start getting serious about plants and flowers. A simple vase of flowers to your bedside table or dining table shows attention to detail. They are a note of extra care will keep your home from looking forlorn or poorly cared for.

Plants, such as ferns, ivy, succulents, can similarly breathe life into the room and also encourage you to have a bright, warm home.

It’s not hard to add a little luxury to your life. With a bit of creativity and investment, you can make your home more luxurious permanently.

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