Six Fun and Stylish Sock Trends for Women


Socks are making a fashion comeback; they’re not just for athletic shoes anymore. Check the runway shoes of your favorite designer and chances are you’ll see at least one ensemble featuring high-style socks. Don’t believe it? Just look at the proliferation of Pinterest boards dedicated to the ’80s throwback style sensation. Want to add this season’s most fun fashion trend to your wardrobe but don’t know where to start? Check out these six fun and stylish socks you’ll want to wear and show off this year.

The Over the Knee Slouch Sock
This hot new sock is an updated take on the knee socks school girls wear with their uniforms. Look for opaque knits in dark solids like black, navy, and gray. Pair them with everything from ankle booties and a mini-skirt to cute sneakers and denim shorts. For a sophisticated take on a little black dress, wear your over-the-knee-slouch socks over lacy tights with a sleek pair of stiletto ankle boots.

The Sustainable Bright Stripe Sock
Show your green cred with a pair of bamboo socks in a bright and bold stripe. Wear them with your favorite khaki shorts and colorful Keds. Or try them with a light jersey tunic and matching leather flats. Dare to shake it up at your next tennis lesson? Wear these bright-colored beauties with your tennis whites and top with a colorful matching visor. Why not grab your clubs and wear them with your golf skirt on the green, too?

The Sheer Black Patterned Ankle Sock
Look for the sheer, patterned ankle sock paired with patent leather pumps and a pleated mini or peeking out beneath tuxedo trousers and a shiny black ladies wing tip shoe. This season’s hot patterns feature polka dots, romantic hearts, and even elongated diamonds. These socks look even sweeter matched with your favorite ballet flats and a black maxi skirt. Feeling brave? Wear them with heels and a short black frock.

The Tie-Dye Crew Sock
Nostalgic for the ’70s? Grab a pair of trendy tie-dyed crews and wear them with a pair of denim cut-offs and a vintage peace shirt. These socks are turning up in all kinds of places; wear them with your boring black spandex and head to the gym. Pull them over your favorite leggings and pair with a Dolman tee. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your colors—tie dye is made to make a statement.

The Knit Thigh High Sock
Unlike the thin black slouch socks, knit thigh highs are made for function as well as fashion. Look for bulky knits, bright stripes, and eye-catching colors. Want to wear your favorite shorts in November? Grab a pair of knit thigh highs, and you’re good to go. Match them with cute little minis or a cozy sweater dress. Wear them with high-heeled oxfords, Mary Jane wedges, or your favorite chunky ankle booties for an up-to-the-minute look.

The Sheer Glitter Knee Sock
This is one of the most popular socks this season, spotted on celebrities and fashionistas alike. The younger crowd wears glitter socks ironically, paired with sneakers or chunky boots and raggedy jeans or shorts, while seasoned fashionistas are pairing sheer glitter socks with designer pumps and silky skirts. Sheer glitter knee socks are also turning up under floating palazzo pants and slim pencil skirts. The more conservative dressers can boast a little glitter underneath their favorite silky dress pants paired with black patent flats.

So why not try something fresh and new in your sock drawer this season? Fun colors, bold patterns, and all new lengths and styles make socks the fashion accessory of the day.