Six Fitness Apparel Trends We Love

Six Fitness Apparel Trends We Love

Athletic aesthetics for everyday wear are continuing to trend in a big way, with more and more designers taking athleisure to the next level by incorporating typical workout fashion and fabrics in with day-to-day looks.

It’s easier than ever to feel great about your self care and your body in looks that are as cute and comfortable as they are functional, so let your workout clothes work for you in any of these six fitness apparel trends that we absolutely love.

Keep it Simple in a Fitted Crop Top

No mess, no fuss, no extra fabric — crop tops are an cute, ideal option for anyone looking to get to the gym and get right to work. Be sure to steer clear of recreating a full-blown ‘80s or early ‘90s look by ditching the shorts and pairing shorter tops with longer pants, which will work to create an elongated look to the body, drawing attention upward for a flattering silhouette that’s also practical for pumping iron.

Lift and Lunge in Leggings…with a Twist

We know, we know — leggings have been part of most women’s wardrobes for some time now, but guess what? It doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon! With yoga becoming more popular in the Western world with each passing year, and high intensity interval training showing a resurgence in gyms and classes across the country already, the close fit of leggings still reigns supreme, but this year, the devil’s’ in the details.

Cut-outs and inserts are giving shoppers a break from the basic black pant we’ve come to love, with mesh across the thighs keeping things chic and cool, and ties up the sides allowing for an understated pop to bring some personality into this workout classic.

Make the Most of a Team Sport in Monochromes

Team-based workouts are predicted to be all the rage in 2018, and there’s no better way to blend in with your crew than keeping things sophisticated, yet stylish, with a monochrome look from top to bottom.

Muted tones will be your best friend for this look, so try sticking to greys, whites, and blacks for a wardrobe that says, “Let’s do this!” A great thing about keeping things to a single hue is having the room to play with small pops of color here and there, which allows for bold, bright accessories such as shoes, bags, and hats.

Think grey and blue, white and neon green, and black and bright red for some serious WOW factor.

Be a Sustainable Beauty in Bamboo Fitness Apparel

People are making sustainable practices a priority in many areas of their lives these days, and fitness fashion definitely isn’t a place anyone will need to compromise their values thanks to bamboo fitness apparel. A renewable fabric source, bamboo viscose is the natural form of rayon, which is already known for being bacteria blocking and moisture wicking.

True bamboo fabric simply hasn’t undergone the chemical change rayon has, and the best part? It feels amazing!

Bamboo viscose is soft, naturally odor and allergy resistant, and actually keeps body temps around three degrees cooler than cotton fibers, which makes it a no-brainer if you’re aiming to use your spending power to support sustainable fashion while still looking and feeling fresh at the gym.

Dare to Show Flair in Dynamic Prints

On the other side of subdued monochrome look are dynamic graphic prints, great for an energetic exercise to leave you looking and feeling great! Big, bright florals, abstract designs, and geometric graphics all make for an exciting statement.

Too much flair for your taste? Keep it simple by pairing one printed item with a solid, like a bold sports bra paired with fitted sweats.

Add a Light Layer with a Vest

Whether you’re confined to a cold climate, or enjoy the brisk air of an early morning or late night workout, adding a lightweight vest can make for a great way to stay warm without the weight of a jacket or sweatshirt.

Unlike the bubble-vests of the early-mid 2000’s, the vests of today are sleek and slim, and come in a wide variety of patterns and colors to best match your style in a most practical way. Finally, if you’re in search of a little motivation to hit the gym, look for a personal trainer using FitnessTrainer.

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