Prepping for Baby: Four Items Every Expectant Mom Should Get

Prepping for Baby: Four Items Every Expectant Mom Should Get

Expectant moms have a lot on their minds. They need to think about whether they’re eating right, how to keep their stress levels down, and whether they’ve got everything organized for the arrival of their precious bundle. Keeping all that straight while battling a case of baby brain can be difficult, so we’ve put together this list of the essential items every expectant mom needs.

A Crib

Most babies start sleeping in a crib when they arrive home from the hospital. Even if you do opt for a bassinet or bedside sleeper in the early days, your little one will eventually sleep in a crib so it’s smart to buy one before you are busy with baby. Look for cribs certified by the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association for the safety of your baby. It should be low enough to the ground so you can easily put baby to bed and retrieve your little one after nap time.

If you want to get the most from your crib, look for one with a lowering feature, which lets you lower the mattress as your baby grows, or one that transforms into a toddler- or full-sized bed.

Great cribs are available from department stores and baby stores. Prices vary significantly; you could spend less than $200 at Target or thousands at a specialty retailer.

Bamboo Receiving Blankets

Good receiving blankets are some of the best all-round items you can invest in. You can use them to swaddle your baby while he or she sleeps, or lay one down to provide a clean surface for play. They can also double as changing mats and burp cloths, shade your baby while he sleeps in the pram or car seat, or give you a little privacy while you nurse.

Baby stores might try to convince you to choose organic cotton, but bamboo is a much smarter choice. Bamboo has round fibers, which make it twice as soft as cotton against baby’s sensitive skin. It also wicks moisture away from the body to avoid overheating. And just like a cotton blanket, bamboo receiving blankets are all machine washable.

Bamboo receiving blankets are available in a range of prints for $39 from Cariloha Bamboo.

Bamboo Bodysuits

You might look forward to dressing your baby in adorable outfits, but most new moms find their newborns spend more time in bodysuits. That’s because they’re inexpensive and easy to care for. You can just pop them in the washing machine when they get dirty, and there’s no need to iron them. They also fit over diapers and open near the bottom for easy changing.

You can also find bodysuits made from soft bamboo. Babies’ skin is often sensitive, so it’s smart to choose a fabric like this which won’t irritate.

Cariloha sells a range of printed short- and long-sleeve bodysuits. The short-sleeve ones cost $26, while the long-sleeve bodysuits are a little more expensive at $29.

A Travel System Stroller

Most people will tell you that you need a stroller and a car seat. However, it’s much smarter to get both in one with a travel system stroller. A travel system stroller is often a more economical option, and also a more practical one. You’ll love it because a sleeping baby won’t need to derail your plans. You can easily transition your newborn from the car to the stroller for running errands and back again, all without baby stirring.

Travel system strollers are available from baby stores including Buy Buy Baby and Babies”R”Us from around $250.

It’s easy to waste precious moments agonizing over your baby preparations, but once you have these essentials, you can feel confident your baby will have all they need when they arrive home.