Prep Your Wardrobe for the Best Summer Yet

Prep Your Wardrobe for the Best Summer Yet

Summer will be on us before we know it, and with the warm weather comes the chance to break out your fun, cool wardrobe – and maybe add a few of those pieces you’ve been missing.

The best summer clothes are cool and comfortable, fashionable and practical, and something you can wear to the beach or downtown. The best outfits are great for family activities or just relaxing in the cool nights out on the porch. Whether you’ll be spending your time at the park or cruising around town, the possibilities are plentiful with the right wardrobe.

Of course, we’re talking about more than a new swimsuit, pair of shorts, and sandals. This is about making sure you’ve got something cool and comfortable for most situations.

Material Matters

Before we delve into specific items for your wardrobe, let’s just take another look at why bamboo is such a great choice for the summer months.

First, bamboo clothing is extremely soft. About twice as soft as cotton, in fact. That means you can stay comfortable longer in your bamboo clothes.

Second, bamboo is, on average, three degrees cooler than cotton and naturally wicks away moisture. In other words, bamboo is can help you chill right out whether you’re relaxing in the sunshine or working up a sweat, bamboo material is a great choice for many of your summertime outfits.

Starting with the Basics

Everyone has a different style, of course, but there are a few simple items that can really accentuate your summer wardrobe.

Breezy skirts and dresses – There are several styles in this category that are great for casual occasions as well as more business-like situations. With the right design, you can dress it up or down as necessary. Whether you’re going for playful or elegant, this is a great place to start building your wardrobe.

Open footwear – The right sandals are practically a daily necessity in the summer. They keep your feet nice and cool, and if they’re comfortable enough you can wear them all day without excess stress on your feet. A sufficiently elegant pair of sandals can fit with your work outfits as well as your beach outfits and pair well with dresses, skirts, jeans, and shorts.

Bright-colored blazer – Black blazers are pretty common in most wardrobes because they go with just about anything. They can get a little extra warm in the summer, though, so switch it out for a lighter color that feels cooler and still fits a range of casual and classy looks.

Active wear – After being trapped inside for so long, it feels great to finally get outside and start playing and exercising again. You can look and feel great doing it, whether you’re wearing some great yoga tops, athletic V-necks, or racerback tanks.

Striped tees – A light, soft t-shirt or two is just what you need to accentuate your summer style. Striped tees are especially popular during the summer because they add a little fun to your look, whether you’re combining them with skirts, cutoffs, classic jeans, or cute hats.

Tanks – Whether you’re heading to yoga class or to the beach, the right tank is a wonderfully stylish way to keep cool. Just like the right t-shirts, these tops can be combined with just about any style. Wear them under your blazer or with your favorite skirt. Either way, they’re the perfect summer fashion.

Comfortable pajamas – While fewer people will see you in your pajamas, it’s important to have the some comfortable, cool PJs as the months start to heat up. Since bamboo is quite cool and naturally wicks away moisture, you’ll be able to enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Cool, in More Ways than One

Bamboo clothing is a great way to add some stylish, comfortable, and cool items to your wardrobe this year. So no matter where you’re headed or what you’re doing, you can stay cool and look great doing it.