Oprah Daily Includes Cariloha for Softest Sheets for Comfiest Night’s Sleep

Oprah Daily Includes Cariloha for Softest Sheets for Comfiest Night’s Sleep

Oprah Daily’s Paula Lee included Cariloha bed sheets in her article, “16 Softest Sheets for the Most Comfortable Night’s Sleep”. She talks about Cariloha sheets being the best organic sheets and that they’re breathable, moisture wicking, cooling, and hypoallergenic. Oprah Daily receives more than 7.5 million unique monthly visitors.

16 Softest Sheets for the Most Comfortable Night’s Sleep

By Paula Lee

This bedding is a total snooze-fest.

A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. In addition to overall wellness, studies suggest sleep and mood are directly correlated. And a night of quality z’s starts with a supportive mattress and a soft set of sheets.

Depending on your needs, comfortable bedsheet sets come in an array of materials, such as cotton, sateen, percale, bamboo, microfiber, and beyond.

Hot sleepers will appreciate temperature-regulating versions like moisture-wicking bamboo, while those who run cold may prefer something more cozy, like flannel or even fleece and a snuggly blanket.

Hotel-style sheets are also a coveted item for their more luxurious feel, transporting you to your favorite vacation spot as you snooze.

And what about the oft-cited thread count (which is the number of threads per square inch)? According to the Good Housekeeping Institute, thread count isn’t as important as commonly thought and does not always equate to quality. Their lab tests have shown that “300 to 500 is a sweet spot for softness and strength.”

So whether you are a hot, cold, satin, bamboo or cotton sleeper, we have scouted the corners of the internet for the best sheets for you.

We sorted through these top-rated sets from our favorite bedding companies (think Casper, Boll & Branch, and more), as well as big commerce retailers and sites like Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon to find the softest sheets available for all sleepers and budgets big and small.


Classic Bamboo-Viscose 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set

Made with 100 percent organic bamboo-viscose, these ultra-soft sheets are breathable, moisture wicking, and cooling. Plus, they are hypoallergenic.

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