New & Improved Seriously Soft™ Cariloha Bamboo Throw Blankets

Cariloha Bamboo Blanket Cuddled on the Couch

Cariloha has made some amazing revisions to its new and improved bamboo throw blankets that you’re going to love!

NEW! Improved seam construction for added durability. How did we do it?

• Removed the satin trim as it was contributing to the slipping apart of the fabrics.
• Added a fabric reinforcement strip to the bamboo fabric around the seam area to help provide additional durability.
• Changed the seam construction type from a fold-over to an extremely strong edge seam.
• Folded the bamboo under the decorative border stitch so that it is sewn both on the outside edge and then again on the decorative border to double rein force the stitch.
• Plus Cariloha’s new Seriously Soft throw blanket retains the following great features:
o Dimensions: 50” x 70”
o Made from 50% Viscose from Bamboo and 50% Polyester
o Quilt batting remains at the throw’s interior core for a luxurious weight

“We let the customer judge whether or not Cariloha Bamboo blankets are softer than any other blanket out there,” said Scott Brady, Cariloha AVP of Communications. “The blanket packaging is open, which encourages customers to touch the blankets and feel the difference in softness for themselves.”

Brady further added that the bamboo material is thermal-regulating, so the blanket is useful all year-round, unlike heavy quilts that are only useful in very cold weather.

Customers will begin to see the new Cariloha Bamboo blankets in Cariloha stores just as quickly as the the current ones are sold out, which will be by mid-summer.

Available Colors: Taupe and Silver Blue
$89 (Price for existing blankets until sold out)
$119 (Price for new and improved blankets when they become available)

“The Cariloha Bamboo blanket is more than just a blanket for most people,” said Brady. “It’s a key to more time spent together; e.g., cuddling up to watch a movie at home, laying out under the night sky to watch for shooting stars, putting it on the floor and letting your baby crawl around on the softness, taking it on a picnic to the park, take it with you on road trips and flights for extra comfort while you sleep, etc.”