Why You Need a Duvet Cover to Improve Your Sleep and Bedroom

Why You Need a Duvet Cover to Improve Your Sleep and Bedroom

Do you feel like your bedroom is missing something? You know that something extra that brings the whole room together and gives you a sense of ease and comfort. I’ll let you in on a little secret… it’s your duvet cover and duvet comforter.

When your comforter’s itchy, clunky, or just plain uncomfortable, then your bedroom isn’t a happy place to be. This shouldn’t be the case. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. A place where you can rest, relax, and be yourself. Why wouldn’t you want to make that space as comfy as possible – a simple adjustment like changing up your duvet could make the difference between a grumpier you and a happier you.

Updating your duvet to change the look and feel of a room doesn’t have to be pricey or complicated –enter the duvet cover! It’s a simple layer that protects your comforter and is easily removable to wash and replace, keeping your bed looking and feeling fresher, longer.

While the idea of getting a duvet cover seems simple enough, consider the following duvet directives before you buy the first one you see.


There’s nothing better after a long day than snuggling up in a cozy bed to get some much-needed you- time. You’re not going to get the rest you need if you don’t love the way your cover feels against your skin, which is why the material or fabric choice is so important to your comfort. Consider the following when shopping:

Cotton – Coming from a cotton flower, cotton is a natural, breathable material that’s easy to care for and fairly versatile.

Bamboo – Also a natural, breathable material that comes from bamboo stalks has a buttery soft touch and contains natural moisture-wicking and odor-repelling properties. It’s a sustainable, carbon- neutral fiber that’s better for the environment.

Linen – Coming from flax fibers, linen is a strong, sturdy fabric that dries very quickly.

Find the fabric that works for you and where you live. You don’t want something heavy if you live in a hot, humid climate or something flimsy if you live in a cold, arid climate.


When looking at duvet colors, decide if you want your duvet cover to blend in with your room or stand out and be a focal point. Some questions to answer: Do you like lighter or darker colors? Solids or patterns? Blends or accent colors? Lots of different directions you can go, and more options will be your friend.

Take a quick color quiz to find out what colors work best for you; e.g., best colors for sleeping, relaxing, or thinking. With so many colors to choose from, this quiz may help you choose the perfect colors for you.

Or, maybe you like to change things up more frequently or with the change in seasons. No worries! A reversible, color-block duvet cover is the perfect solution for sporadic bedroom makeovers. Cariloha makes a luxuriously soft duvet cover that’s also better for the planet and has various reversible color-block duvet cover options to choose from.

Each features a stylish color on one side and another color on the other side. It’s like getting two duvet covers in one, giving you more versatility to mix and match to your creative heart’s desire.

Simplified Maintenance

A duvet cover is supposed to make your life easier by protecting your comforter, so you don’t have to wash something so bulky so often. Make sure to check the label and see that the care instructions are something you can manage on your day to day.

For time’s sake, you may want to consider going with a duvet cover that doesn’t require dry cleaning, as it can take a large chunk of time away from your day. Simply tossing it in the washer and dryer can feel almost as nice as the duvet itself.

Make sure you’re able to easily remove and replace the cover from your comforter, or it may turn into an unforeseen wrestling match.

Corner ties can be especially helpful, like in Cariloha’s Reversible Duvet Cover. This duvet cover has ties in all four corners and a coconut button closure with reinforced button placket to make sure your comforter stays securely in place.

Again, caring for your comforter and duvet cover should be a sinch. Afterall, you’re wanting to spend more time sleeping and relaxing in your bed than caring for it. So, give yourself a break and choose options that are clean, easy and carefree.

In the end, who needs a duvet cover? Everyone! Why should you get one? Because it allows you to do so much more with your bedroom and can make your life just a little easier.