Leave a Greener Footprint with these Sustainable Brands

Leave a Greener Footprint with these Sustainable Brands

Well + Good’s Erin Bunch included Cariloha in her article, “If You’re Looking to Get in Bed With More Sustainable Brands, Here Are 17 to Start”. As you take steps toward living a more sustainable, sustainable lifestyle, this article will guide you on what brands offer and what they’re doing to make your journey more enjoyable and this lifestyle more attainable. Well + Good is a market-leader in the wellness space and receives more than 2.1 million unique monthly visitors.

If You’re Looking to Get in Bed With More Sustainable Brands, Here Are 17 to Start

By Erin Bunch

When Queen Elizabeth decided to give Buckingham Palace a plastic detox, I realized it might be time for me to get truly serious about doing the same. In the 12 months since, I’ve been working hard to eradicate plastic from my apartment, use only the cleanest of cleaning products so as to avoid releasing ever-more toxins into the air, and take other such measures to protect myself and the environment.

As I audited my sustainable-home situation, however, I realized I’m still spending eight hours a night in cheap cotton sheets manufactured with more chemicals than conscience. (Cotton is one of the world’s dirtiest crops!)

To remedy the situation, I performed a deep dive into the best in sustainable bedding and found some truly innovative companies working hard to create cozy sheets, comforters, and more so that conscientious consumers can sleep soundly. Below are 15 brands to keep in mind when shopping for sustainable, sustainable bedding and linens.

Best Sustainable Bedding Brands

Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch launched in 2014 after its founders discovered they couldn’t get answers regarding the origin and materials of the sheets they shopped. The company works with fair trade farms, which harvest organic cotton, as well as with a factory in India that pays its workers fair wages and insists upon safe conditions.


This entire shop is stocked with bamboo-based products, which means the company relies upon a crop that grows quickly, without the use of pesticides and self-regenerates.

West Elm

Sure you may shop at West Elm for their stylish furniture or home decor, but they also offer several sheet sets (linen, cotton, flannel) that are made with GOTS-certified textiles, sustainably sourced, and/or fair trade.

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