International Pier in Cozumel Welcomes New Del Sol Store

International Pier in Cozumel Welcomes New Del Sol Store

Cariloha this week celebrated the grand opening of its newest store in Cozumel, Mexico, located in the International Pier.
cariloha-international-pier-cozumel-store-front This new store location makes the fifth and sixth store within our Cozumel store operation, managed by Daniel Ugalde and his incredibly energetic team.

As you can see in the images above and below, the store build-out turned out beautifully and, although the square footage for this shopping district is smaller in size, we anticipate big things out of International Pier for Cariloha!

The store’s opening sales were very promising, despite not being heavily promoted from the cruise ship stage. Additional customer traffic from International Pier also visited our Downtown Cozumel stores for even more exposure to Cariloha’s unforgettable shopping experience. The Int’l Pier is becoming one of the fastest-growing shopping spots in Cozumel, and we expect our sales to follow suit as we take our Cozumel operation to the next level.

cariloha-international-pier-cozumel-store-interior Cozumel, Mexico is a heavily forested gem in the blue of the Western Caribbean. Its name comes from the Mayan Kùutsmil, meaning place of the swallows. In antiquity, it was sacred to the Mayan Goddess Ix Chel and a place of pilgrimage. Today at San Gervasio, the remnants of over 40 temples still stand in the deep green of the jungle.

Across the channel from Cozumel, on the mainland, stands the ruins of the ancient Mayan cities of Tulum, Coba, and the famous Chichen Itza. Also, close to Cozumel is world-famous Cancun, and a day trip from Cozumel to Cancun isn’t out of the question during longer port calls. The beaches, ruins, and adventure parks of Cozumel and the mainland Yucatan offer experiences you’ll find nowhere else. Every cruiser, from brainiacs to adventure travelers, can find excitement when their ship stops in Cozumel.

The Island of the Swallows. Visitors have been coming to Cozumel for over a thousand years. It may be interesting for cruisers to see what the first visitors to the island came to see. The ruins at San Gervasio were originally called Tantum Cuzamil. It was a temple complex of over 40 temples. The most famous building at the temple site is called Las Manitas, or the hands, it gets its name from the mysterious red hand prints on the rear wall.

Natural beauty may be what prompted the Maya to make Cozumel a sacred site, but the island went unrecognized by modern people until Jacques Cousteau called Cozumel one of the most beautiful places in the world to scuba dive. That enchanting beauty isn’t just under the sea but continues onto the shores of Cozumel, and across the channel to the east coast of the Yucatan or as it’s sometimes known as the Riviera Maya.

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Many thanks go out to Cariloha’s entire New Store Opening, Fulfillment, Shipping, and Design Teams! It’s always a team effort, and we can’t open new beautiful stores without everyone’s efforts.