Four Tips for Making Your Workout a Breeze

Four Tips for Making Your Workout a Breeze

Warmer weather conditions always seem to shout, “Get off your couch and get outside!” Your new workout gear and active wear that you bought last winter haven’t seen the light of day, and now’s the time to put them to good use. So, what are you waiting for? If it’s how to make your workouts easier, cooler, and comfier, we’ve got just the tips for you.

You may think you could just move your workouts to an air-conditioned gym to help you stay cool, which definitely would help, but there are other, more practical, ways to keep you cool and comfortable when you’re active or excerising.

What You Wear Makes a Big Difference

Some might not realize that what they’re wearing influences the results of their exercise routine. Not only does your clothing affect your movement, but it can also help regulate your core body temperature. One fabric that’s changing the active and fitness wear game is viscose from bamboo. That’s right – hard bamboo stalks transformed into buttery-soft fabrics.

Bamboo-viscose fabrics are ideal for staying cool while you’re working hard. It’s naturally thermal regulating, odor resistant and moisture wicking. No harmful chemicals or pesticides are needed to get this effect. It’s all natural. And, of course, bamboo fabric is incredibly soft, so you’ll always stay comfier while you’re burning those calories.

Stay Hydrated

When you’re sweating it out, you need to put it back in – water and electrolytes that is. Ever workout demands proper hydration, and signs of de-hydration are best prevented before they happen. Your water intake should always start before you even begin exercising and continue throughout.

No need to chug your water after every little movement. Rather, a simple sip throughout the entirety of your workout will keep you hydrated, cooler, and comfier.

Choose Your ‘Be Active’ Time Wisely

Timing your exercise is a wise way to stay cooler. We’re not talking about how fast you can sprint or do push-ups. It’s all about the time of day. When you’re heading outside, especially during warmer seasons of the year, try to get out there at sunrise or sunset, and not during the hottest times of the day when the high temperatures have a tendency to beat you down.

All this depends upon your training regimen. If you’re training to run in the heat of the day because your upcoming race will be in the heat of the day, then prepare accordingly. Hats, drinks, shades, sunscreen, clothing styles, etc. will all play a part in your time-of-day activity.

Understand Your Body’s Limits

Above all else, be mindful and listen to your body and know the difference between pushing through the pain and when your body has had enough. If you’re feeling dizzy, cold, imbalanced, nauseated, or getting headaches, your body is most certainly sending warning signals to stop and rest – sit in some shade or under a fan, and cool down right away. No better way to stay cool than to be cool with yourself within your own limits and capabilities.

What are some of your recommended ways for staying cool and comfortable when being active? Let us know in the comments.