How to Relax and Stay Comfy this Memorial Day

How to Relax and Stay Comfy this Memorial Day

What better way to spend the longer Memorial Day weekend than by relaxing and staying comfy with family and friends around you. Or, you may just want to take the time entirely for yourself. Either way, it’s a great time to recharge, relax and unwind as you move into the summer months of the year. 

To help guarantee that this Memorial Day doesn’t leave you unrefreshed, we’ve put together six simple ways that can help you make it happen:

Take a Nap

If you stayed up too many late nights through the normal weekend, Memorial Day delivers one more day to nap and recoup what you may have lost. There’s nothing more relaxing than rejuvenating sleep and, what’s more, the following benefits come with taking a good, healthy nap:

  • Reduced fatigue
  • Increased alertness
  • Better memory
  • Improved performance

Medical studies show that a short nap is all you need so no need to sleep the day away. Longer naps can lead to feeling groggy afterwards, so keep your nap time to about 15 to 30 minutes.

Take your nap to the next level with bedding made of comfortable, sustainable bamboo viscose that’s also highly breathable and temperature regulating. This type of bedding will have you feeling comfier, cooler, and more refreshed after a good nap. 

Cool Down at the Lake, Pool or Beach

Throw on your swimsuit, grab your towel, and head to the water. Memorial Day is the official kick-off to summer and a perfect time to get in or near the water after a long winter away. What better activity than relaxing in the summer sun and taking a quick dip in the water to cool off.  

While you could grab any old beach towel to lay out on, try bringing a towel that’s a little comfier like a larger-sized bath sheet made from odor and allergen-resistant bamboo viscose.

Cariloha bath sheets are like wrapping yourself in a comfy blanket, which comes in handy after running from pool to towel. Ultra-soft fabric and extra-large dimensions are comfy and compact enough to make it the perfect towel for basking in the summer sun.

Go for a Walk

One surefire way to get your mind off work is to unplug and embrace nature. Get outside and walk along the beach, feel that ocean breeze, or head to higher climbs to find walking trails and breathe in that fresh mountain air. 

Make sure to wear something lightweight and breathable, like a soft, moisture-wicking shirt that feels just right for a mountain hike or a beach stroll. 

Getting outside is a great way to clear your mind, relax and destress. A little fresh air and vitamin D will do your body good.

Go Shopping

A little retail therapy is a great and fun way to take your mind off the usual every day. And, that giddy feeling you get when you buy new gear or new clothing elevates your day to a higher level. 

Scoring amazing discounts on Memorial Day is practically baked into the holiday these days, and it makes shopping way more exciting! Since Memorial Day is unofficially summer’s Black Friday, most retail stores will offer a pretty good sale. 

Build a Bonfire

Whether you head up the mountains, go to the beach, or simply stay in your backyard, start or finish your Memorial Day evening with a small bonfire to put your mind at ease. 

Set up your chairs, grab your favorite s’mores ingredients, and let the evening unwinding begin. Enjoy the warmth of the fire and share it with the people you love. Come prepared with a ghost story or two – it wouldn’t be a true campfire without one.

Thank a Veteran

Most importantly, Memorial Day is more about others than yourself, remembering loved ones and all who have sacrificed so much by serving and protecting others. 

Contact your local veteran’s center and plan a visit to thank our veterans for all they’ve done for us. Or, visit a cemetery and place flags on gravestones of our fallen heroes. Expressing your gratitude doesn’t take a lot of time or stress, but it does go a long way and will make the day more meaningful. 

However you choose to spend this Memorial Day, make sure you go and do something that’ll make you a better you.