How Highly Successful People Dress – Men’s Style

How Highly Successful People Dress – Men’s Style

Communication is vital in our everyday life and, whether it’s good news or bad news, what you choose to wear is also considered a silent communicator to everyone who sees you.

We’re not saying that your clothing defines who you are as a person, but it certainly reflects your personality. What you choose to wear says a lot to the people around you and can affect the way you act and feel throughout the day. To help illustrate the thinking behind this statement, take a closer look into some stylish men’s wear options brought to you by our friend Allie Seidel.

I read an article recently about the fact that many highly successful people, including CEOs and presidents, wear some type of “uniform” everyday to simplify the getting ready process. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Obama shared: “I only wear grey or blue suits. I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.”

Makes sense to me. My husband Daniel is not a presidential candidate but subscribes to a similar style philosophy, in that he wears a rotation of suits Monday though Friday, and a grey v-neck and jeans on the weekend.

To stay within the “uniform” idea but add a little flexibility to his wardrobe, I added a few accessories and casual/workout wear to his options. Sharing my fall picks for him here:

Casual wear by Cariloha. Once I discovered bamboo fabric for Trey, I wanted all our clothes to be made out of that soft material. Cariloha carries a ton of bamboo options, beyond clothes too. Pictured: hat (on sale) | shirt | shorts

More bamboo: hoodie | shorts. Gym bag by Baggu.

Sweatshirt by Gray Label. All three of us have this one in black, it comes in mini to adult sizes. So soft.

Brown Wingtips by Nisolo. An exceptionally well made pair of shoes, and ethically made as a bonus. Love the detailing on these and the color.

Chukka Boots by Nisolo. A favorite new addition for fall. Can easily be dressed up or down and go with everything from jeans to suits.

Ties by Dazi. I love the selection here of colorful, fun, skinny ties at a great price. (Plus how cute are those contrasting backings?) Use code ALLIEAPPROVED for 15% off your entire order. They’re having a great sale currently as well.

Tie by Dazi. Belt by Mission Belt. Recognize this from Shark Tank? It’s the no-holes belt on a mission to give back. It always fits, and a dollar from every purchase benefits Kiva, a micro-finance company that aims to alleviate poverty and hunger, that Daniel and I both have supported throughout the years.

Tie by Dazi. Belt by Nisolo. Ethically made and a perfect match to the wingtips.

Glasses by EyeBuyDirect. These have a cool wood-like design on the edges for something unexpected. Lots of cool options at a good price.

Dopp Kit by Nisolo. This beautiful, buttery leather kit is just the right size for holding all kinds of items. It works for home or travel and as a bonus it’s ethically made. Such a great gift idea, which can be the hardest thing ever to buy for men.

Shared in partnership with all companies listed. Style choices are my own.