Hike Your Next Mountain in Bamboo Comfort

Hike Your Next Mountain in Bamboo Comfort

Cariloha this week launched its ultra-soft, refreshingly cool men’s and women’s Bamboo Fit line for spring and summer to Cariloha stores worldwide.

This season’s new line of fitness wear includes not only incredibly comfortable base-layer options, but also introduces unbelievably soft exterior tops and bottoms for comfort-seeking exercise enthusiasts who are ready to hike any number of mountains and trails this summer. As always, Cariloha’s new Bamboo Fit styles are meant to pair together and feature the same color story that works throughout all their active wear styles.

The women’s Bamboo Fit line features the following new styles and updates to previous styles, along with new color schemes: Athletic Cropped Leggings, Athletic Full-Length Leggings, Racerback Tanks, Athletic Crews, Athletic Long Sleeve, Fitted Yoga Pant, Headbands (new colors).

The men’s Bamboo Fit line features the following new styles and updates to previous styles, along with new color schemes: Athletic Crew (new colors), Active Long Sleeve, Fitted Long Sleeve, (new colors, Sleeveless (new colors), Track Pant, Training Pant, Training Shorts

Laying it out plainly then, how well do these new active-wear styles stack up in a field test within their natural outdoor environment? Our friend, Savanah, over at Bold Beautiful Life gives us, literally, a bird’s eye view of her personal experience with Bamboo Fit wear on her most recent hike:

When I got these new pieces from Cariloha’s Bamboo Fit collection, we thought it would be fun to shoot them at one of our favorite family hiking spots. It is so beautiful there and, of course, the girls were excited to go!

The pants, tank, and hoodie I’m wearing are all made from bamboo! I remember going into a Cariloha store at one of our cruise ports in the Caribbean. Everything in the store is so soft! That’s how these pieces are as well. I wear this hoodie every chance I get. It’s very lightweight, so it’s been perfect for the spring!


These pants are also very soft, but honestly, a little thin for me. I ended up wearing some little shorts under them and it worked great. They do have a neat cooling effect that’s made them really comfortable to run and hike in, especially in the afternoon heat! Cariloha has lots of options for clothing for the whole family, as well as bedding, bath, and more. All of it is incredibly soft!

See the rest of Savanah’s amazing photos from her recent hike here. Photos courtesy of Bold Beautiful Life.