A Guide to Quality Bamboo Goods by Cape Cod Today

A Guide to Quality Bamboo Goods by Cape Cod Today

The Cariloha Bamboo Mattress and Cariloha Bamboo Towels were spotlighted and recommended as Best Bamboo Goods by Cape Code Today.

Many are seeking the best bamboo guide to learn about this multi-faceted fabric and its many uses. Bamboo is a beautiful, soft and comfortable material with a variety of beneficial uses. Especially for bedding, bamboo is known to offer natural properties that may help you sleep better at night.

For instance, the natural wicking properties in bamboo help to pull moisture away from the fabric and your skin. This aids in keeping your sheets at a comfortable temperature throughout the duration of your rest. The naturally cooling properties of bamboo will assure you don’t overheat at night, prevent heavy sweating and retain your comfort. Bamboo is hypo-allergenic, making it ideal for those that suffer from allergies.

Bamboo fiber isn’t only used in bedding. The variety of uses and high-performance qualities of bamboo make it an optimal choice of fabric in clothing, including performance wear, socks, outerwear accessories, pillows, mattresses, bed and bath products, and even furniture. When it comes to bedding and mattresses, however, bamboo is hands down the best fiber and the most comfortable fabric you will encounter.

So, why should you choose bamboo and where can you find the best bamboo guide to lead you to your answers? We’ve got you covered. When you think about the best fabrication on the market for premium bedding, you’ll consider Egyptian Cotton, or Viscose or Lyocell fibers that are made from bamboo. Let’s explore how Viscose and Lyocell from bamboo outperforms Egyptian Cotton.

Bamboo is environmentally friendly. Thus, bamboo requires little to no water in order to grow. The plant also requires no fertilizer, nor pesticides in order to thrive and can be grown in a variety of climates. Thus, it doesn’t create a negative impact on the environment. Bamboo is naturally sustainable and renewable. Unless specified at certified Organic, Egyptian Cotton does require all the above during its growing and sustainability phases.

Bamboo fibers are thin and soft. The way they are woven makes bamboo extra breathable. Its naturally toxic-free and sustainable features mean that you are breathing on clean, toxin-free material every night.

Bamboo is often recommended for allergy sufferers and those that have asthma or other issues with breathing. Because it is hypo-allergenic, bamboo fibers and fabrications naturally help prevent dust and other mites and allergens from accumulating.

Bamboo has natural wicking properties, meaning it will draw moisture and sweat away from your body and the fabric itself while you’re sleeping. The result? You’ll be kept you cool and comfortable while you rest.

We’ve explored a variety of bamboo-based bath and bedding products and reviewed them. What we came up with is the best bamboo guide for a wide range of bath and bedding products made from pure bamboo fibers. From mattresses, sheets and comforters to pillows and towels, here is our list of the best of those products, made of 100% bamboo fibers on the market today. Be careful of brands that mislead with their labeling to fool their consumers. If what you’re purchasing isn’t labeled as 100% Viscose or Lyocell from 100% bamboo, it’s not made from pure bamboo.

Best Bamboo Bedding (Sheets)

Our top pick for bamboo sheets was a difficult one (so many to choose from) but we went with Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell 300-thread count. These sheets are supposed to be equal to Egyptian Cotton 1,000-thread count sheet sets.

Why did we Pick Ettitude?

We wanted to explore why these sheets consistently received a five-star review from their customers. They also come highly recommended by Pop Sugar and countless other influencer brands. We quickly found out why. To begin with, they are competitively priced, just around $140. Not only are these sheets super soft against the skin, the cooling properties and lightweight characteristics of the bamboo fabric makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cool cloud of fluffy air. They are Oeko-Tex certified, so you can be certain that they are verified sustainable and organic, from the fibers to the threads and everything in between. Even the bag the sheets are packaged in are considerate of the environment. The dust bag is made from scraps of the material the sheets are constructed of, so you can feel good that there is little to no wastage when it comes to the manufacturing of their products.

Best Bamboo Bedding (Comforter)

Our top pick for the best bamboo comforter is the Aloha Soft bamboo comforter and duvet cover.

Why did we pick Aloha Soft?

The soft Viscose from bamboo fabric makes this duvet and comforter from Aloha Soft breathable. The fabrication is twice as soft as its cotton counterpart and keeps you up to 3 degrees cooler with its natural thermal-regulating properties. While lightweight, it will keep you warm, all the while remaining cool and feeling like you’re wrapped in luxury. Customers love it and have given it a five-star review based on their experiences.

Best Bamboo Pillows

Pillows are a major contributing factor in how comfortably you sleep, how quickly you can fall into full REM sleep mode, and how often you wake up during the night. They also make a huge difference in your quality of breathing. For top-quality, extreme comfort and ease of breathability, we chose the Coop Home Goods Bamboo pillow as our favorite.

Why did we Pick Coop Home Goods Bamboo Pillows?

This company offers a plethora of pillow types to provide optimal comfort while you are resting. Their collections include a variety of body pillows, neck pillows, travel pillows and support pillows. Their supportive pillows are constructed based on your body type and positioning. Their bamboo pillows are also reasonably priced, starting around $25. Their “Eden” pillow is the crème de la crème’ of their collection of bamboo pillows, offering the same support of memory foam and comfort of down. The Eden pillow is filled with gel-infused memory foam and hypoallergenic microfiber. You’ll be kept cool and comfortable, allowing you to sleep easier for longer, with less or no interruption during your sleep cycle.

Best Bamboo Mattress

Of course, when you think about the mattress that you’re sleeping on, you should realize the value lies in finding the best one that works for your body and allows you to get the best rest possible, daily. Whereas finding a reasonably priced mattress is great, finding a mattress that offers quality, longevity (ideally 15-20 years) and comfort should be your prime factors in making your final choice. The power of a bamboo mattress is that it offers all the above, plus is made from naturally hypoallergenic fiber, provides ideal temperatures for resting and sleeps like a dream. For this reason (not the high price sticker) we chose the Cariloha bamboo mattress.

Why did we Pick the Cariloha Bamboo Mattress?

Offering a superior line of bamboo-based products has become Cariloha’s reputation. Their memory foam bamboo mattress offers optimal comfort by adapting to the shape of your body. Thus, the mattress helps relieve pressure from other contour parts on your body while you’re resting. The Flex-Flow base foam and anti-wicking properties of bamboo allows you to sleep cooler and more comfortably. Further, the mattress prevents dust mites, repels odor and meets CertiPUR-US testing standards for high performance and durability. The mattress is available in different levels of thickness and each comes complete with a mattress cover made of plush viscose spun from pure bamboo fibers, free shipping, a free sheet set, ten-year warranty and a 100-day sleep trial. They also sell coordinating bamboo sheets and bedding, as well as bath towels, washcloths and accessories.

Best Bamboo Bath Towels

The best bamboo towels and bath accessories will make you feel like you’re bathing and drying off in luxury. Towels made from bamboo are durable and lightweight, comfortable and help dry remove the moisture from your body immediately with their incredible levels of absorbency. When it comes to the best bamboo bath towels and accessories, we choose Cariloha yet again.

Why did we Pick the Cariloha Towels and Washcloths?

The beauty of Cariloha truly comes from the quality in all their bamboo-based products. Their bamboo towels were soft and plush, yet also performed well when washed and used regularly. We were looking for softness and level of comfort as well as quality during the product review phase. While every bamboo towel they offered did exceptionally well in our testing, we were bowled over with their luxuriously oversized bamboo towels. Super comfortable and absorbent, these bamboo towels also dry quickly when hung.

Bamboo is a prime material for staying cool and dry and thus, it has become an ideal one in the production of high-performance quality bedding, mattresses and mattress covers as well as bath products. We hope you’ve found this Best Bamboo Guide for your bedding and bath needs helpful and informative.

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