Getting the Best Sleep on Bamboo Sheets

Getting the Best Sleep on Bamboo Sheets

Ideally, you ought to be spending around 8 hours a night in your bed, getting some solid sleep. You need those hours to fully relax and rejuvenate and face the next day in a healthy and active way. Unfortunately, that can be really hard to do if you don’t have a comfortable place to rest your head.

A lot of things can get in the way of a good night’s sleep. Mobile devices going off, sleep apnea, the stress of the day, someone snoring right next to you, the dog barking all night – there are a lot of things against you every night. So it’s important to give yourself every advantage possible.

Complete Comfort

Don’t discount the importance of comfort. The National Sleep Foundation preformed a survey and the results suggested that people sleep much better when their bedrooms are comfortable and clean. In other words, if you’re having occasional trouble sleeping, it might not be a medical or behavioral thing. You might just need to create a more comfortable environment.

Your senses of touch, sight, and smell will have an impact on how well you sleep, which means that the kind of bedding you use will play a major part in sleeping soundly through the night.

So how can bamboo bedding contribute to this?

Comfortable to the Touch

The natural characteristics of bamboo make it extremely soft and smooth. These products are manufactured with long bamboo fibers, which means you get a much more consistently smooth feel that practically conforms to your body.

However, the comfort goes beyond just that and also provides a certain amount of body temperature regulation. Bamboo material is naturally cooler than cotton and many other options. This is important because of the way temperature affects your sleep.

Everything from the mattress materials to the fabrics of the bedding and your pajamas deal with heat differently. Bamboo, for example, wicks moisture away from your body, which means that there will be a definite reduction of moisture and humidity. This means you’ll stay drier and more comfortable. This, in turn, means that thermal regulation is easier, because the moisture won’t be amplifying the heat of the summer or cold of the winter.

Breathable material for pajamas and bedding will make everything more comfortable to the touch, and this way we’ve got the first sense covered.

Pleasant Smells

Did you know that smell plays a huge part in your ability to sleep at night? If you sweat a lot at night, those smells can start to build up.

There’s a reason why we use bamboo in athletic clothing. Its natural odor-resistant properties help repel unwanted odors, which means that they will stay fresher for longer. Some people like to add some other pleasant smells to their sleeping environment, and that can help, too. But if you just want to avoid trapping unpleasant smells, you can’t go wrong with bamboo.

And, going along with smells is respiration in general. If you can’t breathe comfortably at night, you’re going to have trouble sleeping. The hypoallergenic nature of bamboo bedding means that you can avoid the year-round allergies (like dust, pollen, and mold) that can affect and cause reactions in many people.

Appearances Matter

The sight of your bed when you enter your bedroom can actually have an effect on your sleep. If your bed is messy and seems cold, you’re not going to look forward to curling up in it for the rest of the night. If, on the other hand, you have some beautiful sheets and blankets that are well made, hold their shape, and look a lot more inviting, you’ll find that bed time becomes something you look forward to.

Getting the Best Sleep

The environment you create for a good night’s sleep is an extremely important part staying rested and healthy, but it’s one that a lot of us forget. We run through our day and try to cram as much is as we can, that the bed literally becomes a place to “crash” and nothing more.

While bamboo sheets and blankets won’t correct major sleeping disorders (that sleep apnea isn’t going to take care of itself), just changing your bedding and using the most comfortable, hypoallergenic option can lead to a better night’s sleep than you’ve had in a long time.