Getting Better Sleep Starts with Better Pillowcases

Getting Better Sleep Starts with Better Pillowcases

Martha Stewart’s Nashia Baker includes Cariloha bamboo pillowcases in her article, “The Best Pillowcases for Every Type of Sleeper,” in which she talks about how comfortable bedding and fabrics can play a major role in helping you get quality sleep. Martha Stewart offers home decor tips and holiday party planning and receives more than 8.1 million unique monthly visitors.

The Best Pillowcases for Every Type of Sleeper

By Nashia Baker

Curl up with one of these versatile coverings.

As much as turning off devices, setting just the right temperature, and creating a quiet environment all contribute to a better night’s sleep, sometimes it’s just not that easy. If your sheets are scratchy or uncomfortable, for example, rest can feel impossible. Ultimately, your bedding, right down to the pillowcases you sleep on, can play a major role in helping you drift off to dreamland.

Best Bamboo Pillowcases: Cariloha Classic Bamboo Pillowcase Set

Let’s say one of your biggest sleep concerns is skin irritation. There are pillowcases designated to combat this issue with soothing materials, like silk. Keeping cool is often another problem—but covers with moisture wicking technology work well, plus they are suitable for anyone who wants to make their sleep experience as comfortable as possible.

With the right product at the ready—whatever your needs—you’ll be able to hit the hay in no time. Here, find our favorite pillowcases on the market, which you can shop now.

Cariloha Classic Bamboo Pillowcase Set

Bamboo bedding gets its claim to fame thanks to its soothing properties for sensitive skin. Consider shopping these pillowcases, composed from the same material. They wick away sweat, ward off any odors and allergens, and have a stylish weave design.

Shop Now: Cariloha Classic Bamboo Pillowcase Set, from $40,

It’s time to take your sleep a little more seriously and bring even more comfort into your life. Cariloha’s soft, sustainable viscose-from-bamboo fabric provides you with the softest bedding on the planet. Once your head hits this pillowcase, you’ll do nothing but relax and fall fast asleep.

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