Get the Inside Scoop on Cariloha Barbados

Get the Inside Scoop on Cariloha Barbados

Explore the beautiful island of Barbados with our insider’s tips to help make your journey even more enjoyable. While Barbados is a relatively small island, located in the southern Caribbean, it doesn’t mean your time there won’t be amazing. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in beauty and fun.

We know you’re so excited to visit this tropical island and have probably been packed for a long time, ready to go at any moment. But, before you charge down the runway, take a look at our list of all the incredible things you can do there, so you can make sure you’re fully prepared.

Here are some of the best things you can do while visiting Barbados:

Get Your Island Safari On
Explore the hidden wonders of Barbados on one of its unforgettable excursions. Dive in and swim with the colorful life under the sea, or buckle up and witness some of the most striking scenery you’ll ever see. Take this chance to experience the land or the sea of Barbados in a whole new way.

Bask in the Sun on a Barbados Beach
From fun-filled populated beaches to quiet local spots where you’ll soak up the sun in peace, Barbados has something for everyone. Want to get a tan but still be close to all the tourist fun? Than Accra Beach is for you. Looking to enjoy the sugary-white sand and warm ocean breeze in peace? Barbados’ Silver Sands Beach or Crane Beach (pictured above) has that too. Want a pink-sand beach? Try out Bottom Bay for pretty and pink. Visit Bathsheba Beach for unique, scenic views.

Feast on Barbados Fine Dining
You’re on vacation! Now is not the time to be worrying about your waistline – it’s the time to try as much food as possible. With so many delectable influences from around the world, you’ll be able to try flavors that you never knew existed, and your taste buds will thank you for it. Life is short, so eat your desserts first! A few local favorites that are more on the expensive side include Cin Cin by the Sea, The Cliff, and the Tides. A few on favs on the more affordable side include Chillin and Grillin, Cruz’s Fish Shack, and Happy Days Cafe.

Immerse Yourself in Barbados’ Culture
Again, you have influences from around the world, so take the time to learn more about it. Barbados is rich with museums, ancient Pre-Columbian ruins, walk-around art galleries, and so much more. Visit the Gallery of Caribbean Art for starters. Expand your knowledge and fall even more in love with the Bimshire, aka, Barbados.

In the end, no matter what, you’re on a beautiful Caribbean island, so just enjoy yourself. What else would you add to this list about Barbados? Leave your tips in the comments.

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