Five Questions with Cariloha Tulsa Owner, John Fisher

Five Questions with Cariloha Tulsa Owner, John Fisher

In a recent interview and article by the Tulsa World, Cariloha Tulsa, OK store owner, John Fisher, answers questions about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in today’s retail marketplace. John’s Cariloha store is the only brick-and-mortar, inline store in the state of Oklahoma and is paving the way for more Cariloha stores to come.

5 Questions with John Fisher of Cariloha: ‘Entrepreneurship is about risk-taking and thinking outside the box’

By Rhett Morgan Tulsa World


John Fisher owns Cariloha in Utica Square. It is the only Oklahoma location for the luxury-brand retailer of products made from bamboo.


John Fisher owns of the Cariloha store in Utica Square, a luxury-brand retailer of products made from bamboo.

1. What compelled you to become an entrepreneur?

The reason I chose to become an entrepreneur is for the freedom and flexibility of owning your own business, while being in some control of your immediate future.

2. What should consumers know about bamboo products?

Bamboo grows pesticide-free, self-regenerates when cut down, and some species can grow up to 3 feet per day. Bamboo is known as the world’s most comfortable material. It is twice as soft and keeps you 3 degrees cooler than cotton. Bamboo products are naturally breathable, moisture-wicking, odor-resistant and they naturally repel bacteria.

3. What don’t they teach you in college about owning a business?

I attended the University of Tulsa for both my undergrad and graduate work. While business school will stress the importance of funding, hiring and scaling your business, starting a new business requires you to figure out things as you go.

Most schools are designed to teach students not to fail and have you work within a set of rules. But running your own business means failing — a lot. Entrepreneurship is about risk-taking and thinking outside the box and sometimes taking unconventional paths to achieve your desired results when you face unexpected roadblocks along your journey.

4. Utica Square is sought-after real estate for retailers. How did you find your spot?

Utica Square was the only location we had in mind when we decided to bring Cariloha to Tulsa. Back in the ‘80s my family opened up the Crabtree & Evelyn store within Utica Square, which I practically grew up at. So, the charm and uniqueness that this shopping center provided was the ideal setting for us to be a part of for Cariloha.

5. Describe your favorite vacation spot?

Our favorite vacation spot is Maui, Hawaii. We enjoy the peacefulness the island has to offer, while offering plenty of activities for all ages. We tend to stay on the south side of the island in the Wailea area, and while there several years ago we came across a Cariloha when we visited the Shops of Wailea, which led us to this venture.

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