Five Fashion Tips When Attending a Wedding

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For some, weddings are the perfect occasion to strut their stuff, while others worry whether their attire is wedding-appropriate. While dress etiquette for guests can vary from wedding to wedding, there are a few common sense rules to help anyone dress appropriately for such a special occasion. The following five fashion tips are a great place to start.

Formal is Expected

Guests should always wear something that is appropriately formal since at least some level of formality is to be expected at weddings. What exactly does that mean? It’s better to be overdressed than undressed. Jeans and t-shirts are far too casual for any special event, especially a wedding. Men should opt for fitted dress pants, a collared shirt and dress shoes. A suit jacket is also a nice touch and would be highly recommended for all but casual, outdoor weddings. Women’s options are more varied, and they can choose either dress pants or skirts with blouses or an appropriate dress. However, in maintaining formality, women should avoid wearing anything too revealing. A sexy blouse intended for a night out not only lacks sophistication, but it also may make the guest look as though she’s taking attention away from the bride.

Spotlight on the Couple

It is never appropriate to dress in a way that steals the spotlight from the bride and groom. In addition to revealing clothing, anything overtly shocking or outrageous should be avoided. Women should also be careful not to wear anything with too much glitz, especially if the bride is wearing a bejeweled gown. Women aren’t the only ones who can steal the show, however, and men should leave the tuxedos to the groom and his groomsmen. Unless the wedding is a black tie affair, blazers, sport jackets and suit jackets are suitable options.

No White Please

A special tip for women is to avoid wearing white or anything that too closely resembles a wedding dress. Even if the style is very different from the bride’s actual gown, it is still best to avoid lacy, white dresses. Guests who are very fond of lace or white can opt for one or the other in outfits that don’t resemble wedding dresses. A white blouse and colored skirt or a patterned lace dress will look stylish without resembling the bride’s gown.

What Color Should I Wear?

Looking to the wedding theme for style inspiration is a great way to get ideas for what to wear. Vintage weddings are on trend for fall, and vintage-inspired blouses, dresses and even suit jackets will make guests feel like a stylish part of the celebration. Greek-themed and beach ceremonies are also easy to translate into fashion-forward wedding attire.

Don’t Be Boring

Once guests know what is appropriate to wear, the most important tip for picking out stunning wedding attire is to let personal style shine through. A colored tie or a pair of suspenders is a perfect way for a man to add his own style to wedding wear. Women have even more options, and they shouldn’t be afraid to wear colors, prints or even feminine menswear. Although it is inappropriate to upstage the bride and groom, guests shouldn’t fade into the crowd with boring attire, either.

Wedding season can be a nerve-wracking time for some, but by following these simple fashion tips, guests can look great, feel good and enjoy celebrating the bride and groom’s big day in style.

Jessica Hamilton, with Cariloha, is an avid blogger who loves fashion, shopping and traveling. She enjoys finding ways to serve the community and supporting a green sustainable lifestyle.