Fashion Trend for Men

If the runways are any indication of what Fall 2012 would bring, bold colors will be very strong. Just a year ago, the accent colors at Milan and Paris were featured at the spring shows. While those clothes being sold now, it is predicted that those same striking hues could easily become the focus of entire collections. Take for example, the greens, oranges and mustard tones seen at Bottega Veneta not long ago.

The box suit is making a comeback, courtesy of the trend-setting Prada. Following their lead, it is assumed that many designer labels will begin to push suits that have a new and more relaxed fit. The box suit is looser, cleaner and more versatile than many others. This is a deliberate turn from the nostalgia that has been dominating the scene. For example, the Mad Men television show brought back 1960s Mens wear (and Womens wear alike) with a vengeance. Many men appreciate box suits since no matter what their size; they can look like a fashionable adult at any affair.

Yves Saint Laurent recently featured a newer version of the double breasted blazer, which had already seen a comeback. However, we will be seeing many more of these popular pieces both on the runways 2012 and in the stores. The new and somewhat unexpected proportions are predicted to become very popular among men of all ages.

Due to its sheer versatility, white has always been a fashion favorite. We see white everywhere, from suits for formal occasion or as accents with a pair of on trendy jeans. However, this season we can expect to see a different shade of white. Dries Van Noten has displayed the new bone of white and dirtier version as a sharp contrast to the former bleached and crisp renderings.

Apparently, the skinny men’s jean is down trending, though many who are fond of it will most likely continue to wear it. Past seasons have seen the jean becoming narrower, with an attempt to bridge the gap between the classic straight and skinny pant. With nowhere else to go, designers have begun circling back to much more dramatic options. In line with the box suit, expect to see wider pants, in both suits and separates this season, as evidenced by the Lanvin collection.

Hermes has remastered the art of the mix, taking an eclectic turn. Wearing both informal and formal dress pieces has always been considered on trend in the art world. Now luxury fabrics will be thrown in with casual pieces, as if there was no thought to it at all.

The other main prediction for men’s fashion trends this season is that once again, as with the box suit, big designers will return back to the longer and wider look all around, as seen at Dior Homme.

Jessica Hamilton, with Cariloha, is an avid blogger who loves fashion, shopping and traveling. She enjoys finding ways to serve in her community and helping to support a green sustainable lifestyle.