Esquire Says Cariloha Bathrobes Worthy of a Five-Star Hotel

Esquire Says Cariloha Bathrobes Worthy of a Five-Star Hotel

Esquire’s Christine Flammia included Cariloha bathrobes in her article, “14 Best Luxury Bath Robes Worthy of a Five-Star Hotel”. She talks about how the Cariloha robe, made of viscose from bamboo, has all the coziness of a classic hotel robe. Esquire is an American men’s magazine and leading authority on men’s fashion trends, news, and politics and receives more than 3.3 million unique monthly visitors.

14 Best Luxury Bath Robes Worthy of a Five-Star Hotel

By Christine Flammia
They’re fun, they’re comfy, and they’re worth every cent.

Bath robes are an addition to your home lounging wardrobe that isn’t exactly essential. It’s not a requirement for, say, drying off after a shower or for going downstairs to grab a cup of coffee in your pajamas before changing into real people, daytime clothes. However, once you actually have a robe and you’ve worn said robe, you might begin to think differently.

First of all, some of the robes out there right now are the height of luxury. They are made with next-level fabrics, bringing the fanciful experience of padding around a spa or an expensive hotel room without actually having to do either of those things. Some of the high-end robes are on the pricier side, but if we’re making the case for bringing a luxury spa or hotel experience into your own home, they’re at least much cheaper than that.

Part of what has leveled up these robes recently is that brands who specialize in different kinds of fabrics have been making their own versions. You have the classics: a thick, bright white terry cloth; a dad-reading-the-newspaper flannel; and a Hugh Hefner-y silk. All still good options. However, there are also ones made with lightweight cottons, airy linen, and ones lined with shearling. Sometimes you want cozy and sometimes you sweat all day long and need something that feels like nothing. Begin your ascent into robe life here.


Bamboo Bathrobe

Pros: Plush-feeling. Cariloha’s robe has all of the coziness of a classic hotel robe but the bamboo fabric means it stays cool to the touch.

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