Elevate Sleep to Loftier Levels with Cariloha Performance Sheets

Elevate Sleep to Loftier Levels with Cariloha Performance Sheets

Cariloha this week released to the world its new Performance Sheet Line, featuring six unique sheet styles to help improve customer’s sleep.

All customers have specific sleep needs and wants – whether it’s sleeping cooler, cleaner, or relaxing easier – they’re looking for answers. Cariloha’s new Performance Sheets are designed to deliver the custom sleep solutions our customers are looking for.

When combined with the incredible benefits of bamboo, these unique Performance Sheet attributes and styles will elevate your sleep and performance to loftier levels.

Expansion of our bamboo bedding line provides fresh, new alternatives for our new and repeat customers, giving them innovative sleep and comfort enhancers to help address their sleep problems.

Cariloha’s Performance Sheets are offered in six different sheet styles. Each style is made with an innovative blend of luxuriously soft, highly sustainable bamboo-viscose fabric and one of the following six different sleep-enhancing fibers:

Silver Performance Sheets™

For those who long for a cleaner, cozier sleep experience and all the peace of mind in between, these silver sheets will have you sleeping fresher and comfier before you can count to… zzzzz.

Charcoal Performance Sheets™

For those looking to purify and deodorize their sleep space to the max, these charcoal sheets let you sleep and dream as if you were on an island vacation where the air is clean and fresh year-round.

Pearl Performance Sheets™

For those who want to nourish and soothe their skin while they sleep, these pearl sheets are calling out your name.


Cooling Performance Sheets™

For those who sleep hot, no matter the outside temperature, and want to feel like they’re breezy cool all night long, these cooling sheets are for you.

Magnetic Performance Sheets™

For those looking to let their cares and worries drift away like a cloud in the sky, these calming, stress-relieving magnetic sheets are a refreshing sleep solution.

Recovery Performance Sheets™

For those looking to boost their physical recovery or simply recover from physical fatigue, these graphene sheets are exactly what you need to speed up the process.

Our new Performance Sheets will help individuals sleep more soundly and cater to their specific sleep habits and needs.

Learn more about each Performance Sheet type here.