Eight Gifts for Your Sustainable Friend

Eight Gifts for Your Sustainable Friend

We all have those certain people in our lives who can be, well, difficult to shop for. But as more people become aware of their own environmental impact, you’ll want to adjust how you shop. It won’t be too hard, though, with gifts like these that are so sustainable, practical, and cute, you’ll want to grab one for yourself.

Handmade Soap

Give your friend the gift of relaxation with a sustainably created bar of handmade soap. Made with vegan ingredients, Himalayan sea salt and essential oils, this bar of soap will help even the busiest of people take a soothing, guilt-free moment for themself.

A Backpack Made from Billboards

If your friend is constantly on the go, this backpack made from recycled billboards will help them stay ready and make a statement. The creators of RAREFORM took billboards intended to sit in landfills and transformed them into durable, unique and environmentally-sound bags. Options range in size, style and print.

Feet-friendly and Sustainable Socks

For the friend who values comfort, sustainability and practicality, offer them a set of green treat socks. Walking in a pair of these bamboo socks is a whole new experience. The fabric is, on average, 3 degrees cooler than cotton and they come in wide range of styles and designs, from athletic ankle socks to classy trouser socks.

Vegan Perfume

In case you don’t know: Perfume can often contain animal byproducts and, in some cases, are tested on animals. Impress your eco-conscious friend with the gift of cruelty-free perfume that can be easily personalized. This 7 Virtues Custom Blend Box contains four vegan fragrances made with natural essential oils that come from nations rebuilding after war or strife. Your friends can even create their own signature fragrance by blending the scents.

Yoga Mat made from Wet Suits

Give the gift of inner peace with this conflict-free yoga mat made from recycled neoprene wet suits. According to Uncommon Goods, neoprene is a closed cell foam, so it won’t accumulate dust and bacteria from yoga studio floors. And when you are ready to retire the mat, it can be recycled as is.

A Compost Bin

Composting is becoming a trend among the most earth friendly homes, and for good reason. It helps reduce landfill waste and it’s good for your soil. Compost bins range in price and style, so be sure to find one that matches your friend’s home decor.

A Biodegradable Phone Case

Everyone needs a phone case to protect their treasured device, but most can be made with harmful plastics that can take decades to decompose. Find a durable, biodegradable case like this one to help your sustainable friend keep their phone safe and sound. Plus, part of your purchase will go towards an environmentally-focused charity group.

A Travel Mug that Eliminates Waste

Using paper coffee cups is SO last year. The plastic lining in most disposable cups makes them nearly impossible to recycle, and the sheer number of cups that are thrown away each day would shock you. Help your friend do their part with a sleek and stylish reusable cup they’ll never want to leave behind. The JOCO cup is microwave safe, BPA free, and modeled after standard disposable coffee cup sizes, “making them your barista’s and the environment’s new best friend.” Throw in some reusable metal straws for those iced summer drinks, as well.