Cosmopolitan Highlights Cariloha for Best Overall Bamboo Sheets

Cosmopolitan Highlights Cariloha for Best Overall Bamboo Sheets

Cosmopolitan’s Kim Duong and Siena Gagliano highlighted Cariloha for the best overall bamboo sheets in their article, “17 Buttery Soft Bamboo Sheets for the Best Snooze of Your Life”. They talk about the sheets keeping you refreshingly cool inside even when it’s miserably hot outside. Out of 17 different bamboo sheet options, Cariloha is thrilled to be selected as the best overall bamboo sheets! Cosmopolitan is a monthly fashion and entertainment magazine for women and receives more than 4.8 million unique monthly visitors.

17 Buttery Soft Bamboo Sheets for the Best Snooze of Your Life

By Kim Duong and Siena Gagliano

Smooth, hypoallergenic, AND breathable? I’m down.

There are a couple of very important lessons you learn as you start adulting: vodka cranberries really aren’t that great, rent and bills are the worst, and you definitely need more than one set of sheets. I can’t help you with your sugar-induced hangover, but I can let you in on a life-changing secret: Bamboo bed sheets are fantastic.

The baby-soft material of bamboo sheets has a laundry list of ah-ma-zing benefits: It’s sustainable, hypoallergenic, super durable, wildly breathable, and most importantly, odor resistant—so you can go ahead and eat as much takeout in bed as your little heart desires. But I’d be remiss not to mention a few teeny, tiny drawbacks that you might wanna consider before dropping tons of dollars on a bamboo sheet set of your own…

Bamboo sheets can be kiiiinda expensive, though there are a few cheaper, more budget-friendly blend options available. Also worth noting: They wrinkle pretty easily, so if having super crisp sheets at all times is important to you, think twice before making this investment. (Don’t forget that there are plenty of other fish in the sea, like linen sheets, silk sheets, flannel sheets, luxury sheets, cotton sheets, and super-soft sheets.) Now with all that in mind, we rounded up all the best bamboo sheets to shop right now. Get a sneak peek of our faves below, and keep scrolling to shop the full list.

Our top picks for the best bamboo sheets in 2022:

Best overall: Cariloha Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets

Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets

I discovered these bamboo sheets when staying over a friend’s house during a Texas summer. Keep in mind that means it was hot AF outside, and yet I stayed cool allll night long thanks to these super breathable sheets. Not only that, but they legit feel like butter. Thank me later.

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