Clothing So Soft You’ll Think You’re in Your PJs but still Zoom-Camera Ready

Clothing So Soft You’ll Think You’re in Your PJs but still Zoom-Camera Ready

Your downtown office with the city view is now your dining room table with too-close access to the fridge. Your chatty colleague is now your anti-social cat and instead of your morning drive-thru Starbucks, you’re dusting off the home coffee pot (how does this thing work again?).

Your typical workday has been transformed and now you’re finding it almost impossible to ditch your favorite gray sweatpants for a pair of jeans.

We’re not judging you for the all-day PJ, but there are psychological benefits to dressing up even when you’re just sitting at home. You don’t need to throw on heels or a suit, but simply putting together an outfit for the day can significantly boost your productivity and your mood.

We’re all in this together. That’s why we’re here to help you dress for success without sacrificing your comfort.

Look Good and Feel Good

According to Dr. Karen Pine, professor of psychology and fashion psychologist, we adopt characteristics associated with the clothes we’re wearing due to the symbolic meaning of certain garments. When we put on our weekend or work clothes, “we prime the brain to behave in ways consistent with that meaning.” So, when you throw on your sweatpants to work at home, you may not be setting yourself up for the most productive day.

But, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort to look and feel your best. The pleasure of working from home is being comfortable, right? You can maximize that comfort while still boosting productivity with clothing made from bamboo fabric. Cariloha offers comfortable and stylish apparel made of one of the most renewable, environmentally sustainable resources, so you can look good, feel good and know you’re doing something good, too.

Be Camera-Ready


You have a Zoom meeting at 9 a.m. from your living room couch, so you see no need to change out of your PJs. Aren’t Casual-Mondays a thing now? But, now that you’re aware of the psychological and productivity benefits of dressing well, you may want to try out a new outfit. We recommend Carlioha’s Bamboo V-neck Tee paired with your favorite go-to leggings.

Whether you prefer all-black or a pop of color, there are multiple styles to choose from. Or, maybe you want to go for a layered look with a classic Dolman Tee. Either way, you’ll look good and feel even better. Bamboo fabric is twice as soft as cotton and 3 degrees cooler, making it the perfect breathable attire to be Zoom-camera-ready.


We’re talking to you, too, gentlemen! You can be the best-dressed and most comfortable at your next virtual meeting with Carlioha’s Bamboo Woven Button-Up or polo. Made of a blend of comfortable bamboo-viscose fabric, these shirts are buttery soft, breathable and odor and allergy resistant. Pair any shirt with tan performance shorts or a comfortable, stylish pair of bamboo boxer briefs (hey, we won’t tell).

Change It Up

In times like this, it’s hard to regain a “normal” routine. We’re used to the on-the-go workday where meetings and home life are separate. In order to continue to boost our spirits and efficiency, it’s important to try and stick to a somewhat normal routine. When you wake up in the morning, get dressed as if you’re heading to work outside of home.


Complete your daily tasks in attire that makes you feel energetic and when it’s time to sign off, throw on your favorite leisurewear to relax in the evening. A pattern as simple as this will keep away that feeling of fatigue and grogginess that can sometimes sink in when sitting around all day.

Cariloha is here to make sure you look the part while still feeling both comfortable and lively. Bamboo fabric can change the way you look and feel, uplifting your mood and putting that extra pep in your step.

In stressful times, it’s important to breathe, relax and feel content. Indulge in the comfort and lightweight feeling of bamboo fabric, so you can look stylish, feel at ease and be ready for any virtual meeting.