Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with Cariloha Bamboo

cariloha bamboo towels

Cariloha looks at bamboo as something we can all live with. Everyone who wears and uses Cariloha Bamboo goods is intrinsically giving back to a more sustainable world. Because bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world, its environmental benefits are remarkable. Bamboo can replace or indirectly decrease consumption of three critically scarce resources: wood, metal, and oil.

Getting involved with Cariloha Bamboo on Earth Day can be as easy as switching out your cotton towels for bamboo towels. To make that proposition a little easier for you, Cariloha will be offering all its customers an additional 10% off all sale items on its website. You can see more details on Cariloha.com on April 22.

Because Cariloha Bamboo requires no fertilizer, pesticides or chemicals to grow, it has no harmful residues left on it compared with non-sustainable, chemically damaging cultivation that other fabrics may require. Cariloha Bamboo fabric uses modern manufacturing processes to convert the bamboo pulp or cellulose fibers into viscose from bamboo. Viscose fabric derives its name from the process by which it’s made. In simple terms, the viscose process we use turns hard bamboo into a soft, threadlike bamboo viscose.

In a time when global warming, depletion of resources and deforestation threatens the balance of the delicate natural world and its divers eco-systems, Cariloha Bamboo is making a name for itself as a viable solution and resource that’s both remarkably useful and environmentally friendly. Bamboo horticulturists from all over the world consider bamboo to be one of the most sustainable, renewable resources known on the planet. This is evidenced in some species of bamboo that have been known to grow up to three feet a day and reach maturity within two years – a mere fraction of the 50-60 years it takes for traditional timber to grow to maturity and become ready for harvesting. After harvesting bamboo, it rapidly self-propagates and new bamboo forests quickly spring up, preventing deforestation and soil erosion that is common with other types of timber and plant harvests.

With carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere on the rise, Cariloha Bamboo becomes a highly beneficial tool to clean the air we breathe. Bamboo and other plants convert carbon dioxide into clean breathable oxygen; however, bamboo does it much better than your average tree. Stands of bamboo can produce 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.

Because Cariloha Bamboo repels odor and wicks away moisture naturally, consumers can expect to wash their bamboo towels and sheets less often. Most cotton/polyester towels need to be washed after a few days of use, but Cariloha Bamboo towels can go as long as two weeks before washing, probably longer, but what would the neighbors think…?

Since bamboo plays a diverse and important role in a wide range of markets, including renewable energy, climate mitigation, bio-plastics, housing and household materials, medicine and musical instruments, Cariloha is committed to promoting sustainable bamboo harvesting practices worldwide through its bamboo products and processes.

• Cariloha uses only organic bamboo fabric blends.
• Cariloha Bamboo is organically grown.
• Cariloha Bamboo does not use bleach on its products before the dying process.
• Cariloha retail shopping bags are made of bamboo, adding to the complete, unique bamboo experience.
• Cariloha Bamboo apparel is OEKO-TEX100 certified, meaning no harmful chemicals were used during production, and they’re certified to be chemical free.