Cariloha’s Inside Scoop on Maui, Hawaii

Cariloha’s Inside Scoop on Maui, Hawaii

Vacationing, working and living in the Aloha State has been a major influence on our company’s culture and history since 1994, primarily from doing business on the Hawaiian islands of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii (the Big Island).

This edition of Cariloha’s inside scoop heads to Maui, The Valley Isle, where you’ll find Cariloha stores in the Shops at Wailea, Whalers Village, and in Lahaina on Front Street – all Cariloha locations serve as great information centers, and the friendly staff is happy to answer any of your questions about places to eat, surf, visit, etc.

Before visiting Maui, known for its diverse natural scenery, warm tropical climate (75-85 degrees year round), abundance of public beaches, and active volcanoes, get to know Cariloha’s Cool Top 5 Things to Do while you’re there:

1. Climb Haleakala
This highest point on the island reminds you that Maui goes from sea level to more than 10,000 feet in a matter of minutes. It snows up there, which is amazing, and is below freezing in the mornings, so plan accordingly.

2. Visit the 7 Sacred Pools
This adventure is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. Many of Cariloha’s store managers and interns say they’ve never felt more alive than in the bamboo forest at the top of the hike. You’ll see massive, beautiful waterfalls and amazing vistas. Getting to these pools takes you down the “Road to Hana,” which is an experience in itself.

3. Dine at Mama’s Fish House
Plan at least one evening to enjoy some very formal dining here at Mama’s Fish House. It’s the best restaurant on earth, let alone Maui.

4. Play in the Sun at Black Rock Kaanapali Beach
Bask in the sun and play all day at the most family friendly beach on Maui. You’ll get a feel of classic Maui at this beach.

5. Go Whale Watching
One think you’ve got to do when you’re in Maui, depending on the time of the year, is do one of the many whale watching tours. It’s an incredible experience that’s only in the winter season, but worth planning your trip accordingly.

Other Hot Spots in Maui…
• Plan to go to the Fish Market
• Shop and dine at Historic Front Street
• Do some West Side Surfing
• Peahi (Jaws)

Best Timing
Because of the time change, do a Haleakala sunrise on your very first morning there. Getting up at 3 a.m. to drive to the top of the mountain will feel like getting up at a normal hour for those from the middle part of the country. That being said, for any fancy dinners, late evenings, luaus, etc., do toward the end of your trip. Early on, vacationers will be tired by 6 p.m., which would potentially be 10 or 11 p.m. where they just traveled from. Let the vacation time change take effect before you force yourself to be alert.

Surfing in Maui
Listen to locals for best beach locations and instructor guidance. A very small percentage of people get to experience surfing within their lifetime. Spend the money and time to try it. Surfing is an easy activity to skip because it can be expensive, so budget for it. You won’t get many chances in life to surf, so get a lesson set up with family members or friends and never go alone or without a professional if you’ve never surfed before.

What else would you add to this list? What’s your favorite beach or restaurant? Let us know in the comments.