Cariloha Sheets Best Organic Sheets for an Sustainable Bedroom

Cariloha Sheets Best Organic Sheets for an Sustainable Bedroom

Better Homes & Gardens’ Jessica Bennett spotlighted Cariloha sheets in her article “The 7 Best Organic Sheets for an Sustainable Bedroom”. She talks about how Cariloha sheets are the best organic bamboo sheets and are twice as soft as cotton and sleep 3 degrees cooler than other fabrics. Better Homes & Gardens is the fourth best-selling magazine in the U.S. and receives more than 9.4 million unique monthly visitors.

The 7 Best Organic Sheets for an Sustainable Bedroom

By Jessica Bennett

Rest easy with bedding that’s better for you and the environment. These top picks for the best organic sheets deliver natural softness and a more sustainable way to sleep.

Making simple swaps in your daily routine is an easy way to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle. In addition to opting for sustainable cleaning products and cutting down on single-use plastic, outfitting your bed in organic sheets is a great place to start. Organic bedding is made from natural fibers grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, which can be harmful to the surrounding environment. This process typically requires less water, creates less runoff, and results in bedding that’s soft, durable, and free from harsh chemicals.

In addition to having a greener ecological impact, organic bedding is also a smart choice for those looking to reduce the amount of chemicals and potentially harmful substances in their homes. Your sheets come in close contact with your body every night, so ensuring they’re free of potential irritants can be especially important for those with sensitive skin or severe allergies.

With so many options available, choosing the best organic sheets (and ensuring they’re truly sustainable) can be confusing. Use our tips to learn what to look for when shopping for organic bedding, including industry certifications, types of fabrics, and the typical price range.

How to Choose the Best Organic Sheets

Unlike the labeling on organic foods, which is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), bedding labeled as “organic” isn’t subject to industry-wide standards, which means manufacturers can easily exaggerate or misuse the term. Fabric made from organic cotton, for example, could have been treated with harsh chemicals or mixed with synthetic materials later in the production process, rendering the “organic” claim inaccurate.

However, there are several third-party certifications you can look for to ensure your bedding was made using sustainable practices. First, look for products that are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which requires companies to adhere to strict standards regarding sustainable manufacturing techniques and fair labor practices throughout the entire supply chain. The GOTS website also offers a public database where you can search for specific brands to ensure they’re certified.

When shopping for organic sheets, you can also keep an eye out for the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, which indicates that the product has been tested for harmful substances and is safe to use. Additionally, a Fair Trade Certified label means that the product meets strict criteria intended to protect the environment and the workers who make it.

Although organic bedding tends to cost more upfront, it can be a worthwhile investment, as organic sheets tend to be more durable and hold up better to regular washing and wear over time. Organic bedding is also generally more expensive to produce than non-organic options, so expect to pay between $100 and $250 for a quality set.

Best Organic Bamboo: Classic Bamboo Bed Sheet Set

From Cariloha

Bamboo is a naturally organic crop that can be woven into luxuriously soft, silky bedding. Designated as a carbon-neutral product, these bamboo sheets from Cariloha are also certified to be chemical-free under the Oeko-Tex standard. The twill weave is designed to deliver twice the softness as cotton and sleep 3 degrees cooler than other fabrics. The sheet set comes in five earthy colors and includes flat and fitted sheets, plus pillowcases.

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