Cariloha Meets Everest

When you think of Cariloha, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Could it be the naturally breathable fabrics that are crazy-soft to the touch? Is it the sustainability aspect of bamboo?  There are many enjoyable aspects of bamboo, but one, in particular, stood out to Brian and Pam Nielsen during their trip of a lifetime to Nepal and Mt. Everest.

Mt. Everest, the Earth’s highest mountain, is nestled high in the Himalayas, bordering countries, Tibet, Nepal, and China. The 29,002 ft. peak has attracted experienced climbers from all over the world. And, when planning a voyage to this mountainous range, one can never be too prepared. Proper gear and apparel play a critical role in accomplishing your climbing goals. The Nielsens and their team needed unique, qualified base layers that would be naturally odor resistant, naturally moisture-wicking and breathable, and capable of preventing any skin irritations. That’s where Cariloha stepped in.

Cariloha bamboo clothing is recognized worldwide for being twice as soft as cotton, 3 degrees cooler than cotton, and highly sustainable, making them  an ideal fitness companion. Their Nielsen team didn’t have access to washing machines, so they required something with both odor-control and moisture-wicking properties. The benefits of bamboo were exactly what this Everest team was looking for.

From basic bamboo tees and bamboo socks to ultra-soft bamboo leggings and bamboo headbands, Cariloha came to their rescue, making this giant feat a little more comfortable. While trekking through the  gorgeous peaks of the Himalayas, the team loved how Cariloha had their backs throughout the entire experience. They accomplished their goal of making it to base camp in just 7 days. They gained 18,519 feet in elevation and had very little access to certain resources to make the trip easier. Once they made it to base camp, they hiked Kala Patthar, a neighboring peak to Everest. Not only did the five-man team love how soft and breathable the fabrics were, but also, on laundry day, the bamboo products dried twice as fast as their cotton counterparts. “The socks are so breathable. They didn’t overheat like some of our wool socks, and they stayed in place in our boots,” said Brian Nielsen. “I also can’t wear any other shirts now thanks to bamboo.”

On the day of their departure from the country of Nepal, disaster struck with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The Nielsen Everest Team was unharmed, but over 8,800 deaths were reported with over 25,000 injured. This earthquake left thousands of people homeless while destroying countless historical buildings and cultural architecture. The people of Nepal, India, China, and Bangladesh need your help. You can get involved and donate through one of the non-profit organizations listed below. Several of these organizations are aiding in various ways to assist in the immense recovery process. Donations go directly to aid in Nepal.

Choice Humanitarian 

Human Outreach Project

Apa Sherpa Foundation 

Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation