Join Cariloha’s Carbon Neutral Journey

Join Cariloha’s Carbon Neutral Journey

Thanks to you, bamboo, and our collective efforts, Cariloha is a 100% carbon neutral business. We make this happen by investing in carbon-offset projects that align with our supply chain and consumer values with a mix of reforestation, renewable energy, and community projects.

Making the world a better, greener place for future generations is what we’re striving for. Cariloha is taking an eco-approach to carbon-neutral business for making that happen.

Together we can save the world in a comfier way by measuring our carbon footprint, reducing our emissions, and carbon offsetting whatever’s left behind. Ultimately, getting to net zero emissions as a business.

At Cariloha, We Believe Sleep is Best When Carbon Impact is Less.

So, to Help You Sleep Comfortably and Responsibly, We Use…

Bamboo Bed Sheets
Bamboo Pillows
Bamboo Blankets
Bamboo Mattresses

Because Bamboo Lets You Catch Zzzzzs While Saving These…


And, its carbon footprint is smaller than most.

For all that we can’t reduce, we neutralize with our carbon-offsetting projects.

Cariloha – It’s a Comfy Way to Save the World!

Learn more about Cariloha sustainability and carbon neutral efforts here.