Cariloha Introduces Winter 2015 Bamboo Scarf Collection


Cariloha this week launched its winter 2015 bamboo scarf line, which is made from sustainable bamboo fabric and designed and inspired by Cariloha’s product designers.

Available exclusively at Cariloha stores and online, this year’s bamboo scarf collection features six modern scarf styles, which are all offered on various color, texture and design combinations.
“Our new bamboo scarves boast beautifully bold colors and irresistibly soft fabrics,” said Scott Brady, Cariloha AVP of Communications. They provide textural contrast to any of our Cariloha Bamboo tees or meld seamlessly with a bamboo hoodie or dress.”

Cariloha Bamboo Scarves Features:
NEW – Lightweight-style scarf fabric that’s ideal for warmer and cooler weather.
NEW – Geo Infinity Scarves geometric print design complements and coordinates perfectly with Cariloha’s Bamboo Style shirts.
NEW – Nautical Stripe Scarves are open ended and also coordinate well with our Bamboo Style shirts.
NEW – Dip-dyed Pashmina Scarves feature a soft color gradation from end to end. With this popular design being wider than other scarves, it has the versatility to wear as a scarf or a shawl. Essential for cool nights on the beach or boat.

“A Cariloha Bamboo scarf is a great accessory for summer nights when a jacket is too much but a tank or sleeveless top is too little,” said Brady. “Scarves can completely change the look and feel of an outfit. For customers who travel often, scarves become very useful because they can pack light and still pull off a variety of outfits for multiple occasions.”

Color Combinations: Geo Infinity Caribbean Coral Scarf, Geo Infinity Jade Scarf, Pashmina Jade Scarf, Pashmina Charcoal Scarf, Nautical Stripe Sea Glass Scarf, Nautical Stripe Caribbean Coral Scarf.

Four of the six bamboo scarves are made of 100% viscose from bamboo, while the other two consist of 57% cotton and 43% rayon from bamboo to provide a unique structure, texture and drape.

Retail price is $36.

“If customers are from a warm, humid climate, the hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking properties of the bamboo keep customers cooler and help prevent skin irritation, unlike non-bamboo fabrics,” said Brady. “Allergies, odors and heat are repelled easier because of the naturally occurring bamboo properties, which make the scarves ideal for a hot or cool day away from home.”

Cariloha Bamboo scarves come with a 90-day quality guarantee. If the scarves don’t live up to the customers’ expectations, Cariloha will replace them free. The bamboo scarves are machine washable and tumble dried low, so maintenance is easy and worry-free. They get even softer after washing.