Cariloha Cares about the Planet Today and in the Future – You Can Too

Cariloha Cares about the Planet Today and in the Future – You Can Too

At Cariloha, we’re driven to create the best combination of luxury, comfort, and quality in our sustainable bedding, bath, and apparel, because we want to provide products that enrich your life and benefit the planet at the same time. Life is better in bamboo.

Why Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable, renewable resources on the planet! It keeps our soils stronger, our air cleaner and our environment healthier than anything else.

It’s a life-giving plant that can be turned into soft, cool, clean, and green fabrics. Bamboo is twice as soft and 3 degrees cooler than exclusively cotton-based fabrics. It grows naturally without the use of any harmful chemicals or pesticides, so it’s better for our soils.

And, it makes the earth greener because it’s rain-fed (no additional irrigation), regenerates naturally (no reseeding), and sequesters more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees . Some bamboo species can even grow up to 3 ft per day!

As a company, we’re striving to make the world a better, greener place for future generations by doing our best through our eco-approach to a carbon-neutral business.

To do this, we’re measuring our carbon footprint, reducing our carbon emissions, and offsetting what’s left over until we can reach net zero emissions.

Carbon Neutral Mission

Most businesses and organizations on the planet produce carbon emissions – some more than others. These carbon emissions are often called carbon footprints. And, the goal is to lessen one’s footprint or emission. So, what does it mean to be carbon neutral? It means offsetting or eliminating your carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

By our using a carbon-sequestering plant like bamboo, along with our carbon-offsetting projects, we’re able to offer carbon-neutral products to our customers. Bamboo makes our carbon footprint much softer than most. It grows so efficiently that it never allows us to take what we can’t replenish.

While using bamboo does help reduce our carbon footprint, we still have unavoidable emissions that we offset by investing in projects such as renewable energy, forest conservation, and energy efficiency.

These projects help prevent future carbon emissions and remove existing CO2 from the atmosphere. It’s a combination that makes our products carbon neutral, while we work toward cutting out all other carbon emissions from our business, including our planet-friendly packaging efforts, our Bamboo Renew Program (upcycling and recycling fabrics), and many others.

Caring for the Environment Today for Future Generations Tomorrow

Most Cariloha retail showrooms are located along coastlines and beachfronts, and we see every day how important it is to help protect and revitalize our delicate coastal and oceanic ecosystems. The ocean helps climate regulation, and our breathable air relies heavily on our large bodies of water.

In fact, 50% of the world’s oxygen is produced by the ocean, and it stores 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. It also moves heat from the equator to the poles for climate and weather pattern regulation.

You can help keep our beaches and oceans cleaner and clearer by volunteering for a coastal clean-up near you. Get in touch with your local community and see how you can help, or contact one of our beachfront Cariloha showrooms and see when our next beach clean-up is.

Even going out for a beach stroll and picking up trash along the way can help reduce your own carbon footprint. However big or small, doing something makes a difference.

What are some ways you help reduce your carbon footprint? Let us know in the comments.