Cariloha: Best Luxury Bed Sheet by Best Reviews

Cariloha: Best Luxury Bed Sheet by Best Reviews

Best Reviews spotlighted Cariloha bed sheets in their review “Best Luxury Bed Sheet,” which syndicated to over 80 different media outlets worldwide, reaching several million readers, talking about what customers need to know before they buy a luxury bed sheet, including thread count, weave type, finishing process, material used, and more.

Best Luxury Bed Sheet

By Best Reviews

Which luxury bed sheet is best?

Whether you’re trying to improve your sleep or just looking for another reason to crawl into bed at night, a set of luxury sheets can help. The sheets you choose play a major role in determining your comfort, but finding the right set can be anything but comfortable. Between varying thread counts, fabrics and styles it can be difficult to tell whether you’re getting your money’s worth.

If you’re in the market for an ultra-premium set of sheets to definitively make your bed the most sought-after seat in the house, the Jennifer Adams Home Relaxed sheet set is the best choice.

What to know before you buy a luxury bed sheet

Bed Size
This may seem obvious, but double-check your bed dimensions to make sure your sheets will fit. Take note of the height of your mattress as well, if it’s more than 16 inches you should consider a “deep pocket” set of bed sheets.

Consider your climate and usual sleep style before buying a set of sheets. If you live somewhere warm and are hot when you sleep, opt for cotton or bamboo sheets with a percale weave. These offer the most breathability and keep you cool. If you live somewhere cold and want to stay warm, consider a high thread count or even flannel sheets.

Thread count
While thread count matters, it isn’t everything. Most experts say the optimal thread count is between 400 and 500 and that anything above 500 isn’t necessarily softer or more comfortable. In fact, since there are tricky manufacturing practices to get around the system, an unreasonably high thread count (800+) may indicate a lower quality weave.

What to look for in a quality luxury bed sheet

Cotton, especially long-staple cotton, is prized for its durability and comfort. However, luxury sheets are increasingly being offered in sustainable materials, such as bamboo. Bamboo is lightweight and offers supreme breathability. You can also purchase sheets in specialty fabrics like silk or linen depending on your preferences.

True fiber count
Top quality sheets will be made from entirely the same material. Keep your eye for labels that say 100% silk, cotton or bamboo. Beware of sheet sets that advertise luxurious materials like supima cotton when in reality, only a fraction of the fabric is truly supima.

Weave type
Good quality luxury bed sheets tend to come in one of two weave types: sateen and percale. Sateen weaves are soft and smooth and are ideal for hot sleepers. Percale weaves are tighter and sacrifice some softness for durability.

Finishing process
Although it’s becoming less common, budget sheet sets with synthetic materials still use harmful chemicals in the finishing process. Good quality luxury sheets will be made from natural materials and boast health certifications like Oeko Tex.

How much you can expect to spend on a luxury bed sheet

The biggest determining factors when it comes to price are material and size. Expect to spend upward of $150 for twin-sized beds and up to $1,000 for king-sized beds.

Luxury bed sheet FAQ

How do you prevent sheets from shrinking in the wash?
Since luxury sheets are likely made from cotton, there isn’t a surefire way to prevent shrinking. Follow the washing instructions on the tag and be sure to use cold water. It’s a good idea to wash the sheets before using them. That way, if they shrink you can return them.

Do you have to buy luxury sheets in a set?
Luxury sheets are sold individually as well as in sets. If you already have pillowcases or want to mix and match, most sheet sets are also sold as individual products. However, if you choose to mix different sets, it’s best to stick with the same material.

Top luxury bed sheet for the money

Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheet Set

What you need to know:

With a thread count of 400, a generous deep pocket design and a sustainable bamboo fabric it’s hard to beat this sheet set for the price.

What you’ll love:
This sheet set offers premium luxury without hurting the environment while being the most affordable option on this list. These sheets have a smooth sateen finish that adds some weight without sacrificing breathability. To top it all off, Cariloha also offers a generous warranty so you don’t have to worry about losing your investment.

What you should consider:
Bamboo sheets require more care and wrinkle easily.

Where to buy:

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