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Cariloha reviewed by FromPDXwithLove

Cariloha Bamboo Purse {Review/Giveaway}
By From PDX With Love

The benefits of bamboo are endless! And since bamboo is a grass it grows fast, some types of bamboo grow up to 2 feet a day, which not only makes it eco-friendly but cheap to grow. Bamboo’s strength compares to that of steel. It can be eaten, used to make kitchen utensils, bowls, etc. And, last but not least, bamboo fibers are being used as a thread for fabric which makes for clean, soft, and light apparel.

Cariloha is the world’s only retail brand with stores that offer ultra-soft, comfortable clothing and accessories made of bamboo. I was lucky to receive a handbag to review.

The bamboo lined handbag is simply gorgeous. I really like the camel brown color of the purse, it is fresh. Even though it looks on the smaller side of bags, it is quite roomy. You might not be able to fit diapers and wipes in this bag along with your necessities. This is more of a you bag.

Cariloha-Bamboo-Collage byFromPDXwithLove

Of course the bag is lined with Cariloha’s world-exclusive bamboo fabric. The liner is so soft and cute! Who doesn’t like palm trees?! Makes you feel like you are in a tropical paradise! Not really? Well, at least it will make you smile when you see the fabric ’cause I know I do. it looks and feels fantastic.

Cariloha not only offers bamboo accessories but bamboo sheets, bamboo clothing (for men, women, and children), and bamboo bedding as well!! Now imagine drying yourself off with an uber-soft bamboo towel…

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